Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Canicross with Scout the Rescue Dog

My name is Scout and I'm a rescue dog. I rescue human. I get human off couch. Sometimes I walk human and sometimes I run human.

I like run better.

I'm a Wheaten Terrier but human calls me Wheaten Terrorist. Funny human.

Speaking of running, I'm up to 6 miles and my goal is 10. I just started running with human in June! Not bad for a scruffy rescue dog.

I got lost one day and ended up at the Animal Services Agency. Very nice humans looked after me, but I was lonely. I needed to rescue someone. One day a human came to visit and I chose this human.

Like I said, I'm a rescue dog and I take my job seriously! There's three fun-da-men-tal (big word for a dog!) rules of rescue.

My job is to:
  1. love human unconditionally,
  2. greet human at the door with a wagging tail,
  3. always be happy,
  4. love human unconditionally (that's 4 but, I'm a dog so math is not so good).
Not a bad gig, eh?

If you need rescuing visit my pals at the Animal Service Agency. They will rescue you good!

I made a video of me and human running, or canicross (yup, another big word).  Hope you like it.

Bark bark bark bark or, in human-speak ....It's a good day to be alive!


PS... pump up the volume!