Sunday, June 18, 2017

Manitoba Marathon 2017, We Run.

Photo Credit Janice Matthewman
(used here with permission)
We run. 
We move our feet. 
We propel ourselves forward. 
We pray and cuss. 
We sweat and bleed.  
We laugh through hurt.  
We are humiliated. 
We are honoured.
And we give thanks.  

We honour a fallen father, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend.  
We pause.
We reflect.
We hang a medal on a tombstone, and then we cry.
This thing called running.
It's what we do.

This pesky blogger regrets not running today. His confidence fell a notch or two recently and he chose a comfortable path. No regrets, but a little disappointed in self.  But I dwell on self when self is meaningless and egotistical. Running is about life and community.  It's higher order thinking and spirituality.  

To say we reach a state existential existence is preposterous, laughable, to those who have not experienced complete and utter exhaustion. The exhilaration of giving all you have and then digging deeper... and deeper, and deeper yet. We run through hurt and humiliation, tears and vomit, and yes, even a little pee. 

Until we step over the line.  This is when life comes to focus.  This is when tears flow and our minds open to higher order.  We are all that we can be in this moment... it's fleeting, it's beautiful. As we step over the line we are perfect in our imperfection... our minds are soft, our bodies spent. 

Today I saw dreams smashed, dreams foiled.  I saw tears and laughter.  I saw you gritting and screaming.  I saw life unfold in slow motion and it was grand.

So to you, the hurting, the depressed, the sick, the survivors, the obese, the injured, the short ones, the wheelers, the 'one step from suiciders'.. what you have accomplished today is extraordinary. No one can ever take that away from you.

You inspire us.

You make us proud.

You are all that you can be.

I can only hope my moniker "it's a good day to be alive" will never be seen as trite or insignificant. Tomorrow is unknown, but today...

... is a good day to be alive.


PS 19 pictures ...

Jenna, a gifted runner

The 3:50 Bunny is amazing!

I love the young. They bring such fun!

It's a good day when Jeff is on the course!

Everyone's favourite ultra-marathoner, Melissa. 

Pietra is lovely.

Rod, a kindred spirit in age and profession.

Scott is a gentleman and a friend.

Professor Christopher Frand rocking the course (again).  

Jonas, nothing stopping him!

From extreme ultras to tri's to marathons, this girl is amazing.

This is my group... 4:15!

Derek gives so much and expects so little inreturn.

Janel... the sign says it all.  

Carly, TRL Social Media wizard. Isn't she amazing!

These ladies trained 800 km for their 1st marathon.

 I love this guy... TRL's Registration Chair

And Darcie, everyone's favourite runner.