Monday, June 15, 2009

zero for three

Hey kids, guess what?
I did it again!
I went out for a 6 mile solo jaunt on Saturday morning to burn off some pre-race jitters. At mile 2 my calf, the same one, kacked out. I had about 20 seconds warning that something was amiss; sort of like hearing a tick-tick in the motor and then ... what the?!... engine seizes!  By the time I figured it out, wham, it was too late... a familiar pain seared up the calf. Although not as serious as my previous calf injury, it's enough to sideline me for the slow dance on Sunday. The pain was about a 6 on 10 while my last blow out came in at 9 or 10 on the pain rector scale.  Recovery time is unknown.
Am I disappointed?
Yes, hugely.
My goal was to run three marathons this year, Fargo, Manitoba, and Toronto. So far I'm batting zero for three. In the grand scheme of things it's not all that big a deal. I still have my health and my remarkable Robert Redford good looks (hey work with me here... I'm still in denial). I'll just have to focus on Toronto.
Good luck to all who are running the full or half mary this weekend. Run like the wind. Run for Ted. Run for someone or something, but run. Embrace the pain. Cry. Laugh. Dance across the finish. Smile. Be proud. Run as an affirmation of life.  Run because it's a good day to be alive.
I'll be at mile 14 (just past Laura Secord School) cheering like mad. I'll also have a camera so look pretty.
Now go and get 'er done!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Strength To Get Back Up

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. So dear friends, play those cards well no matter your circumstance.

Yes, it is a good day to be alive.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

File Under "Idiot"

Kudos to Val Hudson for submitting the following letter to the Winnipeg Free Press. She expresses our opinions eloquently. I've had a number of idiots (mostly 20-something good-ole-boys, backwards ball caps, souped up half-tonne) yell all sorts of stupidity over the years. Thanks Val.

I'm writing on behalf of the cyclists, runners, and rollerbladers out there who are not in perfect shape but trying hard. For the most part motorists and pedestrians and very courteous and encouraging. But it only takes one rude person to dishearten someone desperately trying to get in shape by yelling hurtful discouraging comments -- "run fatty," "hey, your butt is too fat." How many people do you think you have prevented from continuing a positive attempt at loosing that "fat"? You don't know what situation they are in. They may have already lost 20 pounds doing what they've been doing and you come along and say they're still fat.

How about a "way to go," "keep it up" or "you go man!"? These will encourage that poor heart out there to keep going until they reach their goals.



Monday, June 1, 2009

Run For Rights

Mark Saturday, June 6th 2009 on your calendar for the 8th Annual Run for Rights. Whether you choose to walk, run, cycle or rollerblade, this event is a great way to get some exercise or warm up for the Manitoba marathon in support of social justice and human rights. Two events to choose from, 5 k and 10 k. Go here for last years race report.

New this year... June 3rd 2009 the first-ever Run for Rights benefit concert! Find out more…
See you on the start line!


Air Force Run, Race Report #2

A guest blog by Linda Klaric
Today was the inaugural Air Force Run. For first timers 17 Wing didn't do too bad with over 270 1/2 marathoners. When it's a first run you don't really know what you are going to get or how it's going to there were a few surprises. Some (maybe more than some) are a little OCD when it comes to how we like our races.
LOVED the flyover...pretty cool!!! Something you just don't get to see at other runs.
Being able to stay warm and get the last washroom break in at the Fitness and Recreation Centre was a real treat.
The race pack came with a great technical short sleeved shirt and a few extra surprises.
Volunteer support along the entire route was fabulous! Air Cadets along the runway cheering us on...I think every volunteer made eye-contact and said a few supportive guy even offered to order us pizza and beers...Thank you sir!!!
Running in a part of Winnipeg I don't usually get to run in was a nice change of scenery.
It was kind of cool receiving my medal from a 17 Wing Colonel...many members of 17 Wing shook our hands when we crossed and thanked us for coming out.
A few things runners are not so crazy about...
A 9:00 am start time...I know I would love something with an 8 in front...too much down time in the morning. I like to get up nice and early eat my porridge and be out the door.
I would prefer my 1/2 marathon to be the usual 13.1 miles and not 13.49 miles (which is what my garmin read)...I am still going to count it as a PB at the 13.1 mile mark case someone asks.
What no food??? A little disappointing to run 13.49 miles and the food is gone...Where are the bagels, pancakes, muffins? Come on people a girl needs her white food!!! Apples and pears aren't gonna cut it.
When you see the finish line and someone waves you into a park to do a final loop...not cool people...when I see the finish line...I want to cross it...too much of a tease for me. Hey, that could be where you cut out that extra .39 miles!
The medal itself...well...kind of a disappointment...the date and year would of been nice.
When all was said and friends and I had a great run...a few of us ran a PB. The community support and energy you felt from the military community was palpable and I just can't say enough about. What a great cause to support and I can't wait to do it again next year!
Linda Klaric