Thursday, June 4, 2009

File Under "Idiot"

Kudos to Val Hudson for submitting the following letter to the Winnipeg Free Press. She expresses our opinions eloquently. I've had a number of idiots (mostly 20-something good-ole-boys, backwards ball caps, souped up half-tonne) yell all sorts of stupidity over the years. Thanks Val.

I'm writing on behalf of the cyclists, runners, and rollerbladers out there who are not in perfect shape but trying hard. For the most part motorists and pedestrians and very courteous and encouraging. But it only takes one rude person to dishearten someone desperately trying to get in shape by yelling hurtful discouraging comments -- "run fatty," "hey, your butt is too fat." How many people do you think you have prevented from continuing a positive attempt at loosing that "fat"? You don't know what situation they are in. They may have already lost 20 pounds doing what they've been doing and you come along and say they're still fat.

How about a "way to go," "keep it up" or "you go man!"? These will encourage that poor heart out there to keep going until they reach their goals.



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Jen said...

What a great letter! People can be so inconsiderate sometimes. This just illustrates it perfectly. Now if they want to heckle me sitting on my couch eating my bag of chips...come on over. I'd probably deserve it!