Monday, June 1, 2009

Air Force Run, Race Report #2

A guest blog by Linda Klaric
Today was the inaugural Air Force Run. For first timers 17 Wing didn't do too bad with over 270 1/2 marathoners. When it's a first run you don't really know what you are going to get or how it's going to there were a few surprises. Some (maybe more than some) are a little OCD when it comes to how we like our races.
LOVED the flyover...pretty cool!!! Something you just don't get to see at other runs.
Being able to stay warm and get the last washroom break in at the Fitness and Recreation Centre was a real treat.
The race pack came with a great technical short sleeved shirt and a few extra surprises.
Volunteer support along the entire route was fabulous! Air Cadets along the runway cheering us on...I think every volunteer made eye-contact and said a few supportive guy even offered to order us pizza and beers...Thank you sir!!!
Running in a part of Winnipeg I don't usually get to run in was a nice change of scenery.
It was kind of cool receiving my medal from a 17 Wing Colonel...many members of 17 Wing shook our hands when we crossed and thanked us for coming out.
A few things runners are not so crazy about...
A 9:00 am start time...I know I would love something with an 8 in front...too much down time in the morning. I like to get up nice and early eat my porridge and be out the door.
I would prefer my 1/2 marathon to be the usual 13.1 miles and not 13.49 miles (which is what my garmin read)...I am still going to count it as a PB at the 13.1 mile mark case someone asks.
What no food??? A little disappointing to run 13.49 miles and the food is gone...Where are the bagels, pancakes, muffins? Come on people a girl needs her white food!!! Apples and pears aren't gonna cut it.
When you see the finish line and someone waves you into a park to do a final loop...not cool people...when I see the finish line...I want to cross it...too much of a tease for me. Hey, that could be where you cut out that extra .39 miles!
The medal itself...well...kind of a disappointment...the date and year would of been nice.
When all was said and friends and I had a great run...a few of us ran a PB. The community support and energy you felt from the military community was palpable and I just can't say enough about. What a great cause to support and I can't wait to do it again next year!
Linda Klaric

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Pam Falk said...

Well said my friend! We all know you had a PB :)