Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Week of April 7 to April 13

Congratulations to David and Lynda who are running the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21. This will be David's 26th marathon and Lynda's 21st.  Little known fact about Boston Marathon... at 39 feet it is the narrowest start line of all marathons.  I hear it's all downhill after Heart Break Hill.  I read somewhere that 0.1 of 1% of the world's population have run a marathon.  I wonder what the stat is for for 21 marathons or 26 marathons... 0.000001?!   God speed, David and Lynda, good luck to you and all others who have qualified for the most prestigious run ever!
Good luck to Jen who is running the Salt Lake City Marathon on Saturday, April 19, her second marathon.
Chatter on ...
Thank you Vivian for teaching me to "burp" my Garmin.  It has been acting up for the last couple of long runs.  Vivian suggested I delete my history to make room for new data.  I did that and took it for a test drive today and all is well!  Thanks Vivian!
I have decided to register for the  Twin City Marathon on October 5.  I tried to attend this past October, but it was full by the time I got my act together.  Jen thinks she might be ready for a half marathon by then so we might be a team.  Thank you Rod and Dinu for talking about it this morning over coffee... your talk inspired me to take the leap.  Registration starts this Friday and is limited to 11,000 runners (up 500 from 2007).  Last year they sold out in 20 days so if you're interested you better get the Visa card out and click.
Under the category of amazing.... If you have a pet you'll want one of these gizmos... check out the Furminator.   Jen's sister is a veterinarian and when we visited her last week she recommended one for our Annie.  Jen tried it out today.  The amount of fur it pulls out is absolutely incredible. They also make them for cats. Apparently dog and cat  groomers have been using them for years, but they were prohibitively expensive (about $350) and not available to the public.  Now they're available at pet store for about $60.00 (i.e. the cost of one grooming).  We used to use the "rake" which is ok, but this is about 100 times better. What does this have to do with running?
 Not a whole lot other than the fact that Annie shed about 5 pounds from one furminator groom (see photo) and is proud of her new girlish figure.  Talk about rejuvenating! Now if they could only invent a furminator for a balding, smaller stature, 50+ year old man!  I'd pay the 60 bucks... Jen would pay double that!
I was truly hoping to have good news about Buster Martin, the 101 year old man who trained for the London Marathon (see blog entry Week of March 10), but it would appear he did not finish. Several weeks ago I blogged that "I for one will be raising a pint of Guinness for Buster on April 13" .  I hold true to that promise (except it's a Smithwick's)... Buster, wherever you are, this one's for you.  You are a remarkable specimen and an inspiration to all.  Cheers to Buster!
And this from Ann Hodges...
Urinetown... a tale of love, greed, corruption in a time when water is worth its weight in gold.
Here’s the show you’ve all been waiting for.  Hilarious biting satire. 
Great music.  Fantastic dancing.  Presented by a wonderful artistic team and a fabulous cast.  And I'm directing.  What more could you want in a great evening out???
If you love musicals, this is for you.  If you hate musicals, this is REALLY for you. It is funny, cheeky, and even a bit political.  Not your average show.  Definitely NOT the opera!  Notice there are only 3 performances so don't snooze on this one!
Tickets available at Canwest Performing Arts Centre and McNally Robinson Bookstores.
Hurry on down... this will sell out!
And finally... looking for a good bike to spice up your cross training?  My neice is selling her Devinci Chicane road bike.  I have the exact same bike only a newer model with a few extras like clip-in pedals (a must) and better front forks (whatever).  Aside from that they are identical (hers has a much cooler paint job than mine).  It weighs 21 pounds and handles like a Porche (not that I've ever ridden a Porche, but I can imagine).  She is asking $700.  Interested?  Drop me a line and I'll hook you up.
Tuesday, 2.15 miles:  
This was the season kick-off of my school running club.  65 kids, moms, and dads showed up!  Two years ago I had 13 kids from the running club enter the Manitoba Marathon, last year we had 22, this year ...?...  We meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:45 AM for jog through the neighbourhood.  Fortunately, enough parents and colleagues show up to marshal the run... without the volunteers I'd be in a pickle!  Like the Pied Piper we occasionally pick up a few kids along the way.  There are all sizes and shapes of kids from kindergarten to grade 8.  Some want to lose weight, some want to have some fun, some are cross-training , and some are there for the free freezie at the end of the run.  Just like adults they run for a variety of reasons.  
Wednesday, 5 miles, 5 hills
Ooops, I must have forgot to mention to my group that we meet at Cinema City (Polo Park)  at 5:45 and then do a slow run to Garbage Hill to warm up.  Sorry pals, I assumed you met there last week with Henry.  It was a good turn out.  Hill training is to develop muscular strength and to raise the aerobic threshold.  We increase one hill a week to a maximum of 10.  Some runners like to do an extra one to build character.  This is fine, but my advice is not to over do it, especially in the heat which is just around the corner.  Next week we run 6 hills.
Thursday, School Run Club, 2,5 miles
It was another great turnout of 68 runners.  We talked about how all their lives their parents have been telling them not to run on the streets and how Mr. Bennett was telling them it's ok!  We discussed the most important thing about run club is Safety.  I have taught them to yell "Car Back" and "Car Up" which they absolutely love.  The entire neighbourhood is now aware of every moving vehicle within 2 mile of the school.  I have taught thhem to make eye-contact with the driver, and in light of the incident last year, I have also taught them to dive for the boulevard if they feel an approaching car does not see them.  I allow them to log miles at home as long as a parent signs off on the distance.  Each student has a goal, once they reach their goal (bronze) I give them a lime green shoelace and encourage them to double their goal (silver), triple their goal (gold), and over (platinum).  They get their name on the bulletin board each time they achieve a milestone.  It's fun and they are motivated to improve their standing.  At the end of each run we celebrate with a freezie.  Cool!
clinic, 4.5
I was dog tired this evening.  Thanks you Jacques for taking the lead.  Had you not noticed I was dying we still would be out there.  My ankles were aching on the run.  I think it's a result of playing badminton with some hot shot grade seen kids for an hour after school.  Memo to self: you;re not a teenager.  Henry took us through some speed workouts.
Saturday, 12 miles, 10:06 pace (w/w) route
Nazir, Rodica, John, Alex, Dinu, Vivian, Gwen, John, Ken, Dianah, David, Deb, Lynda, Naomi.
This was a fine run today.  Everything was in our favour.  The night before the run I sent out an email requesting people behind to pitch a water bottle at my head if I exceed a pace of 10 ;>)... It seemed to work because our pace was pretty well perfect.  It was an honor having Lynda join us today.  She'll be running Boston next week and is looking absolutely fantastic.  Good luck to you Lynda.  Send pictures!
Sunday, 25.54 miles (cycling)
Rod, Dinu, Ken
We cycled out to Nick's Diner in Headingly.  Aside from a nasty little wind from the south west it was a wonderful inaugural ride.  We're hoping to do it again next Sunday and all are welcome.We'll meet at 9AM at the Duck Pond at Assiniboine Park.   Email me for details.  Thanks for the coffee Dinu.
Week Total = 23.52 miles running and 25.54 mils cycling.


Jen said...

Wow, I love that you have a kids group running! That is awesome! Sounds like a lot of fun and very rewarding. My kids elementary school has something similar but MY kids aren't really into it! Thanks for the boost about the marathon! I can use all the support I can get and it all really helps. I'm starting to get those nervous bugs! Have a good week and good luck to Lynda and David!

Johnson said...

Furminator really works! We use their shampoo and conditioner in our self service dog wash and grooming shop and the hair is everywhere. Great pictures:)