Monday, May 19, 2008

Week of May 19 to 25

Run, Walk, Cycle, Wheel or Blade at this year’s Run For Rights

Please consider participating in this run.  Why? Well for starters, the cause is just, the course is divine, and it's a nice run one week before marathon day... how sweet it that!  Suggested donation is $25.00 towards one of the social justice groups present on site (my personal favourite is Welcome Place because of what they do to help war affected families). I'm hoping my run group, and others, will join me.  Here's the dirt:

  • Saturday, June 7
  • Kildonan Park @ 9 AM
  • Race start time @ 9:30 AM
  • Choose between a 5 k or 10k route.
  • Suggested donation of $25 or pay what you can. There is no minimum donation.
  • Support Winnipeg organizations working for social justice and human rights.
  • Choose to support all of the organizations or select a specific participating organization.
  • To sign up and receive a pledge form, contact Janine at 475-3816 or email

Fargo's done for another year.  All that's left are the memories, war stories, and perhaps some lingering blisters.  From all accounts this race comes with huge bragging rights.  Winds so intense porta-potties were blown over, amazing swag, incredible fans and volunteers, heat dehydrating even the seasoned runners, serious marathoners collapsing 100 yards from the finish line and not being able to make it in, puddles of vomit throughout, images of dry heaves, a fellow runner making it to the finish and then collapsing in a heap, air thick with dust, goals out the window... "just get 'er in" was the motto... sounds like most came in on a wing and a prayer.  Yup, file this one under one tough slog!  You guys are amazing.  It's a puzzle why we do this to ourselves, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Next year I'm doing FarGO! Here's a few first hand accounts...
Mario write... Well Mikey , it was certainly a humbling race for me , I had never experienced hitting the wall.  I now know what everybody is talking about. I missed out on the beer...bummer.  I ran by the margarita stand but really didn't notice it at the time because I was in la-la land.  Next year I would like all of us 'running mates'  to go down to Fargo , it will be so much fun !!! The race was amazing in terms of organization, seemed that the whole of Fargo was out to watch the race, what a rush! There is sooo much more to say but I don't think there is enough room on Mikey's
                                                Vivian, Terry, Lorie (pre-26.2)
                                               Terry and Lorie (post-26.2)
Terry writes:  Words  hmmmm... Fargo was well organized, lots of community support, loved the way they had the relay exchange areas laid out, started out a great day, cool sunny morning, then came the heat and the wind. Was on pace until the 21.5 mile area. Apparently my legs thought I should be walking and not running, so when the clock ticked passed my goal I decided I was having a margarita at mile 25, which some company had sponsored.  A BIG THANK YOU, to Vivian and David who showed up unexpectedly Friday night to watch and cheer Lorie and I on, thanks for the pics too. Also, thanks to Shelley and Jill (mile 5), and everyone else I missed, sorry it was a blur when I got back to the finish.  Would I do it again, lol. YEP. It's the RUNNERS HIGH, all stoned and everything.   Hee hee ;>)

Sarah writes... Well, my story is that I only got half way through the marathon. It was super windy and dusty, my asthma acted up and I had to stop, which was a disappointment. BUT it turned out to be a really positive experience The people who took care of me and drove me back were extremely nice and I got to watch everyone else come in and cheer them on which was SO MUCH FUN! 


Speaking of marathons and amazing people, remember that guy named Terry, Terry Fox?  The guy who ran a marathon a day... on a prosthetic leg!  The Terry Fox Foundation to date has raised over $400 million towards Cancer Research.  Terry's brother, Darrell has located the original Ford Econoline van 28 years after the Marathon of Hope. Ford Motor Company has restored the van to its original condition.  The van is hitting the road again starting in St. John's, Newfoundland on May 25  Plans have been prepared for the van to travel cross-country, making stops at hosted events and arriving in Victoria, British Columbia to coincide with this year's start of the annual Terry Fox Run.  Terry's dream lives on.  

"I believe in miracles.  I have to"  
Terry Fox 
My goal this week was to log an even 50 miles.  I met my goal!  

Monday, Victoria Day, 6.21 miles, 8.41 m/m pace, 53 minutes, 5 seconds. 

This was one of those fairy tale runs... running perfection... light rain, fresh air, quiet, no cars, peaceful.  Form.  Pace. Stride.  Breathing. Form. Pace, Stride. Breathing.  Just me and my thoughts, alone.  Life is good. :>)

Tuesday, Run Club, 3.39 miles.   The older kids are trying hard to log big distances.  They leave earlier and earlier every day.  I have located an old Garmin which I loan the lead runner (he's the boy running the MB half).  Lots of moms today and one good old dad.  I led a small group to kiss the pole.

Wednesday @ lunch 4.01 miles and 6.01 in the evening = 10.09 miles
Thursday, Run Club, 3.85 miles + 6.01 (clinic) = 9.86 miles
Saturday: 20.52 miles, 9:50 pace (Nazir, Debby, Dinu, Rod, Dinah, Debbie, John)
Everything about this run was great, umm, almost everything.  We started at the University of Manitoba and headed south through Fort Richmond and old St. Norbert.  Lovely sights.  Very little traffic.  Cool, sunny conditions.  Perfect. We continued south to the Floodway Gates and crossed the Red.  Heading north we weaved through St. Vital to Dunkirk and headed back to the university through beautiful old St. Vital Park.  Realizing we were a couple miles short of 20 I lead the group through the golf course next to the university.  It was beautiful.  Nice trail along the Red with huge trees and beautiful grounds.  All was well -no, all was amazing-  until we were verbally assaulted by Atilla The Hun golf course security.  Holy cow, did she ever come down hard on the 8 of us all sweaty and dog eared (us not her, she was all dolled up in black and white). I realized immediately that we were trespassing on a private course and absolutely we had no right being there, but man, she assaulted us like we were public enemy number one. Yelling accusations, waving her arms, running toward us (fortunately we were faster, even after 18 miles).  Normally I would have stopped and apologized, but not this time.  It was smile... wave ... and exit stage left.  Wrong move!  Stage left led to another equally ferocious security gal.  We stopped mid-track and turned back.  Yikes, now we're cornered, what'll we do?  Fortunately we saw the correct path and hightailed out, tale between leg, wimpering. Memo to self, avoid taking leasuirlly stroll through the U of M golf course!  
Week Total = 50 miles (a record)
And now for some complete fluff.  If you've ever passed the time away on a tread mill you'll appreciate this clip. Even if you don't know what a tread mill is you'll smile.  Don't be a stick in the mud, a dullard... just click... smile... laugh ;>)  
Yes friends, especially my Fargo friends, it was a great week to be alive (even with Atilla chasing us down). ;>)  M

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Jen said...

Congrats on your new record week! That's amazing! I loved the story of the golf course. Pretty crazy. Sound like a good week and I love the treadmill dance. It's one of my favorite clips ever!