Friday, April 10, 2009

Back at 'er

It's been six weeks since the blown calf at the Hypo and I've only just returned to running in the last ten days. I've put on a few pounds (7 to be precise) and I've lost some speed and endurance, but I'm feeling the mojo returning... slowly.
To recap my run history since that fateful day in February: I've managed a very icy 9 miler which was completely brutal, a 4 miler in downtown Toronto, a 5 mile run home from work on Thursday, and a 7 miler today. That's 25 miles in 6 weeks! Hardly a recipe for successful marathon training, but -call me nuts- I'm still on track for the Police Half and the MB full. I'm joining a group at City Park tomorrow morning for an 18 miler (gulp... 18 miles seems like such a long haul) so well see how things pan out. My 4 hour marathon goal has all but faded and you know what? I don't give a hoot. I've realized, thanks to some good advice from David, that sometimes the goals can work against your performance. To quote David, my next marathon goal is to just "getter done".
It's good to be back in the drivers' seat after 6 weeks of blog slacking. Cheers all.. it really is a good day to be alive!
Here's to getten 'er done.
PS The Minneapolis- St. Paul Marathon registration starts Friday, April 17. If you're planning on going, act super fast, because all 14,000 entries will be snapped up in a couple of days.
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