Friday, November 13, 2009

Back at 'er

Wounds licked, ego healed, feeling good, moving forward.  

I've been back at 'er for a couple of weeks and I've logged about 35 miles since that fateful day back in October (see race report below).  I had a couple of enjoyable runs with V and company, logged about 1.5 hours on the tread mill,  and I've run home from work twice.  All is good.

My current annual mileage -not that I'm a geek or anything- is 991 miles.  I'll break the 1000 mile barrier this weekend and I think I'm on track for coming close to last year's 1260.2 miles ... not that I'm a geek or anything; egads, a geek would log their mileage by two decimal points (I only go one decimal point)... sheesh, running geeks, such LOSERS!

I've registered for three races for early 2010; Hypothermic Half, Cops For Cancer Half, and Air Force Half.  I haven't decided on which full marathons I'll be doing, but I've got my eye on Fargo for a Spring marathon and Chicago for the Fall.  Time will decide.  I'm also communicating with the kindest gentleman in all of Ireland, John Culane (left) of Run Direct Ireland.  Visit his blog, Running in Munster Ireland.

John is trying to locate a race close to Dingel Bay for me while I'm on vacation next July in Ireland.  He signs off his email with  a folksy "Don't worry , we will sort you out.".  

I'm also involved with a group planning a new race for next September.  I can't go into details just yet, but it'll be the finest 10 k race this city has ever seen.  More on this later.  

Stay tuned, stay positive, and always'_   _  g_ _d   d_y   t_  b_  a_i v_!

Cheers,  M

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rundirectjc said...

Hi Mike

I like the blog. John Desmond is the man who runs the Munster blog. Myself and Liam Horan hang out at John Desmond should be able to give you some good pointers for next summer. Impressed with your mileage. I would imagine winter miles are tough in your part of the world