Sunday, January 24, 2010

One of those days

I ran 10 miles yesterday in fresh, wet snow.  It was simply "one of those days" that we are truly thankful to be alive; alive and strong.  The gobs of virgin snow softened the outline of trees and benches and muffled all sound.  Aside from the occasional runner, I was alone, all alone, and all quiet, lost in my mind as life and time drifted by.  The crunching of snow underfoot was soft and mimicked the beating of my heart.  The words of Robert Frost's  poem "The woods are lovely, dark and deep..." wormed through my mind.  I was alone.  I was at one with the universe.

These are the fleeting moments that give purpose of being and bring balance to the ugly side of life; these are moments for which we are truly thankful.  The sanctity of life is precious and all is at peace on these days.

As you, my thoughts and prayers go out to the Haitian people who have so tragically lost all sense of balance and beauty.  Haiti, where the sanctity of life is teetering on the edge of dispair. Please give to help restore this delicate balance.

It is such a beautiful day to be alive.



Jen said...

Great thoughts. I had quite a few of "those" days lately. And it really makes me grateful to be alive and well especially in light of what's happening around the world. Our "problems" seem to dim in comparison. Beautiful post and pictures, Mike.

greentigress said...

Hi, mike - so do you advise running in snow boots rather than in trainers in snow ie i'm on holiday in switzerland and didn't bring my trainers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! should i run anyway?

Unknown said...

Hi Greentigres. If I were you I'd forget running for a few days and rent some skies. Consider it cross training. No, I wouldn't run in boots; I can't imagine it to be much fun. Mike

greentigress said...

Thanks michael - ended up doing some but not too much walking - will hopefully do some more in the next couple of days
Also have a cold so skiing is the plan for my Next snow holiday...