Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where the heck is Matt?

I attended a professional development session this afternoon organized by my good friend Warren.  He started the session talking about the incredible ethnic diversity in our classrooms as a segue to the video and his presentation.  After viewing the entire video he asked all 100 participants to stand up and dance while he replayed the video. He danced in front of the huge screen while the video played a second time. The dancing started off kind of awkward with only about half participating, but within a minute we were hopping all over the place.  It was hilarious looking around the room at these normally quiet and reserved professionals and seeing them cut some wicked rug!  It was great ice breaker and emphasized diversity in a way like I've never considered.  I guess you sorta had to be there to fully appreciate the moment.  Turn up the volume and enjoy the video.  Mike


Jen said...

Very fun video! However, I think a better one would have been the room where you were! That would have been good!

Unknown said...

Actually, I do remember a video camera zooming in on me. Maybe that'll be next week's blog. Now THAT would be funny! M