Sunday, March 7, 2010

Marathon by the Numbers and Outing Closet Runners.

For the average 150 pound male running a 3:30 marathon, 26.2 miles of running means...
  • 50,000 strides
  • 50,000 footstrikes
  • 25,000 heartbeats
  • 4,000 litres of blood circulated
  • 4.5 kilograms of sweat
  • 3000 calories
(source: 26.2 Marathon Stories, page 172)

With a blog entitled "See Mike, See Mike Run, Run Mike Run" I would never be accused of being shy about my running pursuits (achievements and failures).  I run because I feel as close to heaven on Earth as one can possibly be on this old planet.  Why be shy? Shout it out.  

I learned in yesterday's Globe and Mail that not all runners share my enthusiasm.  Apparently there's a whole community of "Closet Runners" ... people who run in the cover of darkness, or on deep, long forgotten trails.  They don't want to be outed, as if they're ashamed or insecure.  Personally I can't relate, but I was intrigued.  You may find it interesting.  Go here...   I'm A Closet Runner.  

If you are a closet runner (or if you know of one) you have no idea what you're missing.  The running community is entirely welcoming of all runners regardless of shape, size, weight, speed, lifestyle, baggage, creed, skin colour...   Don't be shy.  Join a group.  Celebrate the success together.  Embrace the failures with a kindred spirit.  And for goodness sakes, don't run alone. It's darn right dangerous!

As I look beyond my computer screen to the great outdoors I see thousands of branches, millions of fingerlings, thick with hoar frost. The air is silent, void of movement.  The melting snow is crusty from the night's chill.  Gotta go run the Hypo.  It's a blessed day to be alive!

See Mike
See Mike Run
Run Mike Run
Hypothermic Half Marathon
February 28, 2010
2 hours, two minutes, and change.
(Photos courtesy of Scott and Millie.)

Mike ;>)

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