Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hill Work Out

On Tuesday evenings City Park Runners alternate between hill work outs and speed workouts.  The drill last Tuesday evening called for 4 Loops, 2 Humps, 1 Thump, 1 Lump, 3 Triangles, and 1 Snake. The pictures below show Doug completing the switchback portion of the Lump.  There's a couple of hairpin turns on the switchback and the face is very steep so quick and tiny steps gets the job done.  The total workout, including a 1.5 mile warm-up, was about 7.5 miles.  Erick has a beginner workout and an advanced.  After this workout the body is absolutely spent!




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Nicole said...

thanks for the info, I have been looking for some training on hills and haven't found an evening compatible yet. Untill now! I'm glad to hear they have a beginners level as well.