Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chicago Bound

Sorry for being such a blogger-slacker.  I promise to post the Ireland pictures and tell the story.  In the meantime, I'm Chicago bound.  Not going for the Deep Dish or the Blues, that's boring; I can do that anytime.  I'm going for another slow dance... slow dancing to the tune of U2's "Beautiful Day".

The Chicago marathon is this Sunday, start time @ 7:30 AM.  There's 45,000 full marathon runners and 1.5 million spectators (or 57,000 per mile).  My group is planning to be at the start by 6:30 to cue in for a good position.  The race starts at 7:30 AM and we hope to cross the start line by 7:45 if we position ourselves properly.  As usual, I'm a little anxious about race day.  I've learned to always have a healthy fear of the marathon; respect the 26.2 and it might permit you to finish with honour.  Disrespect it and it'll give you a wedgy, steal your lunch money, and spit you out at mile 20!  Never diss the full-Mary!

My bib number is 23453 if you care to track my progress on race day. I believe there's 5 electronic check points with the times uploaded onto the net in real time. My goal time is to beat my 4:10 PB, but as usual I'll settle for a popsicle with friends in the shade before closing. My most tried and true race strategy is to start out slow, pull back, and then fade completely ;>).

I've been nursing a wicked head cold and slight fever for about 48 hours which has robbed my appetite so my pre-race, anal retentive diet is out the window.  I took this afternoon off and slept from 1 to 4 PM.  I managed to eat some pasta and juice and I'm presently feeling ok.

My wife is joining me on this one and her mom and brother from Toronto are also coming to cheer me on.  The last I heard my mother-in-law was scouring the streets of Toronto looking for a cowbell!  Now if that isn't sweetness defined I don't what is?!

Mile 24 through 25 is dedicated to mother, friend, teacher, breast cancer survivor, lovely Linda.  Mile 25 through 26 is for the memory of my parents (and such good memories they are). Mile 26 through 26.2 is for me.

Run like no one is watching!

It's a good day to be alive.



Jen said...

I'll be cheering you from Utah! I hope all goes well and that your cold goes away quickly. That sure makes it hard to carbo load. I'm glad you put your bib number on there, I'll be able to track you and wish you well along the way!

Nicole said...

Have a fantastic run! Enjoy the living you'll do in the 26.2.

five fingers said...

Love this line; Run Like no one is watching....

Good Luck!

Shel said...

Mike, I'll have you know that B and I used your race strategy to a tee, with 9 odd minutes to spare before the cut-off time! Great city, friends, course, spectators, all ways it was a Beautiful Day.

Jen said...

Hey Mike, I followed your progress on your marathon. Great job completing yet another one! Now I'm curious as to what happened on race day. Hope all is well for you in the frozen land northward.

Unknown said...

Hi ya Jen, thanks for your interest. I know, I've been very lazy with blog posting. I have a story. I will "tell all" this weekend. Happy face! M