Monday, February 21, 2011

Running Eyes Wide Open

Runners are are a focussed lot.  This is good, for focus brings sharp minds and disciplined schedules. Runners need to be focussed. 

Today's run was not about focus.  It was purely in search of beautiful images that abound when we take the time to look.  I replaced the Garmin with a camera and the gel with a homemade oatmeal and raisin cookie (made 'em last night).  I had the cookie on a trail in the middle of a winding frozen river. I munched while I scanned the horizon.  Beauty personified.  

Two hours and 8 miles later I had 52 pictures of what I perceived to be beauty. The one below shows the intrepid runner preparing for the journey.  The rest are shapes and colours and bits of light that caught my eye.  I hope you enjoy. And I hope you too will ditch the Garmin from time-to-time and focus on the beauty instead of running by, eyes wide closed.  

It is such an amazing day to be alive.

(click 'em to make 'em bigger)



Connie said...

What a beautiful little run you had there! I just love how you really take in the moments!
I'm hoping that after this week I can slow down the pace a little and take the time to look around.

Jen said...

If you quit your day job, you may have a future in photography. I loved all the things of beauty that you found and that you found them while running. I have seen the most incredible things while running and am always so grateful to have been out there and experienced it!