Sunday, May 1, 2011

Winnipeg Police Half Marathon 2011, Race Report

I know it felt like the Hypothermic Half Mary, but really it was the Cop's Half. Conditions were less than ideal, but that aside the Cop's is still the premiere half marathon event in Winnipeg.  The race crew worked all Saturday in solid rain, wind, and mud to get things in ship-shape for the 1500 runners and their families.  Race Director, Nick Paulet, is to be commended again for pulling this year's race off without a hitch in extremely challenging conditions.  It was superbly organized and the volunteers were plentiful and so very cheerful.  Nick sent out an email late last night that warned of a possible race closure due to freezing rain and said he would call it at 5 AM.  Fortunately, the rain stopped sometime last night and turned to snow making the course slippery in places, but not dangerous.

So the only question I have is when is Nick going to run for office?  We could use him in Ottawa.

I met my 20 mile goal today by running to and from the start line from my home.  It was a nice run to the start line, but pretty chilly on the return.  My hands were numb and I had no speed so it took at least a mile to warm up and get into the running groove.  I had numerous offers of rides home, which I truly appreciate, but I'm glad I met my 20 mile goal.  It would have bugged me all week had I not.  I had trouble removing my sopping shoes because my fingers weren't working so well. I did manage to kick them them off and then hit a very hot shower followed by tastiest cup of hot chocolate this side of Utah (hi Jen).  Life is presently warm, dry, and so, so sweet!

We all yearn for happiness and for the runners I hang with, running helps fill that void.  I guess this is why I hang with them.  We run because it makes us happy.  That's it... simple, honest, and to the point... the pursuit of happiness.  When runners become injured the pursuit is put on hold.  I'm not saying that running is the only source of happiness, but if one trains relentlessly for months in sub-zero weather for a race goal and then it's gone, it's gotta hurt.  I feel for all of you. 

Here's the story of the day.   Melissa Budd and David Fielder ran a sub-4 hour marathon yesterday in sheet rain, drove home all night, were delayed at the Highway 59 closed border crossing, arrived home at 5 AM, slept for one hour, and made it to the Cop's start line by gun time.   Both finished up right and smiling.  Last I saw them they were huddled around a propane heater devouring a plateful of pancakes.  

It was, and still is, a grand day to be alive... yes, chilly too!


PS Race Results are posted on Results Canada.  

Corey and Mike neck and neck @ mile 5.  Corey 1st place, Mike 2nd place. (photo credit David)
Sandra and some other dude.  (photo credit, David)
Ted and that dude again. (photo credit David)
Mario, 2 weeks from China Marathon.
Jeff, Linda, and Wayne fresh from Boston 2011.
Cheryl and Jim at start corral.
Jo, moments from finishing.
Connie and Jo about to be arrested for looking so good!
Anita in the tent.
Melissa who ran a sub 4 hour marathon yesterday in the rain, travelled home, slept 1 hour, and ran the Cops!
I won! 


Jo said...

Great blog on was definitely a character building run! And thank you so much for the pep talk at the end....the smiley face on the table helped me snap out of it and made me remember that today was out of my control...and I do it because I love this sport! Congrats on the 20 miles....I was completely content to remain at 13.2 (I guess I didn't do the tangents) :)

By the way, did you see on the free press website that a guy actually collided with a deer?! Talk about a crazy day!

Connie said...

Awesome blog! It was great to see your smiling face after the race. I am so impressed that you kept running and met your goal. That's determination!

Shel said...

With some very strange turn of events, I ended up as a last minute 2nd leg replacement on the relay. I have only volunteered for this race before and I know how well it is done from that standpoint. Well, running it is even better! The course looked so pretty with the freshly fallen snow and the volunteers were wonderful. Nick and his team do a great job. It was such a beautiful race day. Everyone who did the race yesterday won, that I am certain of.

Michael said...

Couldn't agree more Shel. Well put! It was a smiling-kind-of-a-day in spite of the searing winds! Mike

Jen said...

I am just amazed at the weather this year! Crazy! I'm so glad you endured and had a great time. The pictures are just great! You have such a great support system and I'm sure you give just as much to the group! I really enjoyed reading your report!