Friday, November 25, 2011

Hey Rosetta, come run with me?

And we don't look back, cause we don't need that
And we're going too fast, and we don't want to, 
we don't want to crash

Seeds, Hey Rosetta, Seeds

How was your run? The same question.
It was great. The same answer.

How do I describe the run. The joy of moving?

How was your run?

Well, I'm so glad you asked, stop me if I go on....

The run was thrilling and simple and left me breathless. I am in awe of my strength and my commitment to my body. I am powerful and my mind is sharp like a tack. It wanders, my mind. I review my day. I plan for tomorrow. I reflect on family. It's all so clear and positive. The music, Hey Rosetta, sings to me and I dance alone along the trail, sometimes slow, I like the slow dances. I dance to the tempo, the tempo becomes the run, the lyrics become the reason for the run. I walk the footbridge because it's just so damn beautiful. I need time to absorb the moment. The frazil ice all jagged and sharp. The sun bleeds from the dusk sky. Moments of beauty that give meaning. Meaning to life and being. We remember these moments, we file them, and we take them away for when they are needed most. They shape us and give us character. The memories of beauty become the treasures of the old. They become all we have. I run to create memories of beauty.

I run fast at the end, breathless and heart pumping, I dont look back.

How was the run?

It was great.

It's a good day to be alive.