Sunday, February 19, 2012

Running in circles

last night you were in my dreams
oh heart and bones
and when i woke up you were next to me
oh heart and bones

blood is red and the sky is blue
oh heart and bones
and i've never met anyone like you
oh heart and bones

The Pines, Heart and Bones, Tremolo

I find myself running in circles, short tight circles that drift outward into large soft oblong loops as the miles click by and by.  I run tight circles when my mind is troubled with thoughts that sadden, uncontrolled destinies, fleeting friendships, feelings of helplessness.
The thoughts turn around and around like spokes on a wheel, fast and blurred. In time and miles they soften and become not-quite-focused. They remain unresolved but accepted and become my heart and bone.  

We have friends who are ill and we are helpless. We have friends who hold their sick children tight under covers of darkness and we are helpless.  Our actions become vessels of compassion, a text, a smile, a coffee, a hug... it's all we can do really... as our eyes well and our hearts choke. 

Be there for your friends, have them in your thoughts as you run.  It's all we can do and it means the world. It's all we can do.

Random thoughts include...

I have two goals: 1) make it to the start line 2) make it to the finish line.  All others are just too damn complicated.

Running speed work on a treadmill watching Elen Degeneres  in winter is a luxury.

Saturday 7AM runs from the Duck Pond are a good thing.

I like Melissa's quote "running is my own creation".  It points me in the right direction.

Today Irene ran 14 miles and it is a celebration.  Tomorrow she will run 16, then 18, then 20..., but today she ran 14 and that is all that needs to be said.

Barefoot Bob has signed up for the Canadian Death Race, 100 miles of life altering, unadulterated ecstasy.  Go here for the deets.   

Jo is healing... slowly.

We think of Gwen, sweet darling Gwen.

Lo Pub Bistro at 330 Kennedy, Winnipeg is a gift to the vegetarian/ vegan community. They also host a gorgeous draught pale ale.

Ted's Run is confirmed for October 21... mark your calendars!  We need volunteers so e-me if interested.

And if you screw up, don't be afraid to apologize... 

It's a good day to be alive,


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