Sunday, March 18, 2012

... there's such a lot of world to see...

Two drifters, off to see the world
There’s such a lot of world to see
We’re after that same rainbow’s end, waitin’ ’round the bend
My huckleberry friend, moon river, and me

Frank Sinatra, Moon River, (for Dixie)

Dixie, my mother, circa 1923, Vancouver, Canada

Today was an extraordinary day, a day of joy and bliss. I was scheduled to clean the winter's dog droppings in the back yard, but I managed to ditch that task.. it just didn't seem right to waste a day with menial tasks when the world awaited... there's such a lot of world to see... and the droppings can wait just fine.  It's not like they're going anywhere! 

I ran 14 miles this morning at a quick pace with my new kicks.  My new kicks are just like my old kicks, and the ones before that and that and that... Asics something. I entertained the idea of moving to a minimalist shoe but was scared off with the 4mm heel strike plate of the ones offered.  The run was fast, especially near the end. I was home by  11 for a quick shower and a lie down before I met Scott for an 18 mile ride to Headingly.  The wind was from the south west with gusts up to 60 k. The wind blew on our left shoulder (about 4 o'clock if that analogy makes sense) and pushed us fast. The return trip was a little trickier because the wind was off our right chest (about 10 o'clock) causing us to slow considerably.  The lactic acid started to pool in my legs, but the trees to the right brought shelter from the wind and it eased up.  

Upon entering the city I saw a sign that said "Senior Centre looking for new members, age 55".  I almost crashed!  55? A senior?  I yelled to Scott "Can you believe that sign?"  He replied "I hope they have a triathlon group!".  Now THAT was funny.  I started to giggle and sway on the bike and I almost lost control on a pothole.  I think I'm going to call them on Monday to inquire about the seniors' marathon group, seniors' triathlon group, seniors' hang gliding group, seniors' ultra-runners group.... shake things up a bit!

Here's a couple of posers of the intrepid riders...

It felt good to stretch the legs on the bike. It uses different muscle groups than running so the effort wasn't too bad.  I've ridden a couple of century days and THAT's hard.

So friends, our bodies become stronger, our minds become sharper and focussed, our muscles ache that good ache, our hearts pumps and our skin glistens. 

I often think of Dixie. I know she would be proud.  There's such a lot of world to see... she would like that image, she would smile that mother smile, you know the one, the smile that shows unconditional love and and undying affection. Yes, smile at the ones you love.

You damaged runners, you get better, we need you on the trails. 

It is a stunning day to be alive.