Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Come Running

i said hey, come a running to me
oh, come a running to me
hey, yeah, come a running to me
ya gotta rainbow if you come running to me

Van Morrison, Come Running, Moon Dance

Just a quick update... I'm back running, pain free and slow, but running... and it feels good.  I ran 6 excruciating slow miles on Saturday to test the waters, pain free. I ran a 10 k race on Sunday, slow for the first half and race pace for the second half, pain free.  I just now completed an 8 mile run in cold rainy conditions, again, pain free.  

Fargo Marathon?  

In consultation with my massage therapist and physiotherapist I have a plan:
  • no hills
  • no speed
  • not fartleks 
  • no tempo
  • no time goals for race day
Just miles and miles of long slow distance to build endurance and to strengthen the mind.  How do I feel? Well, thanks for asking. I feel pretty good, even a little optimistic and definitely pleased with my recovery.  

How do I really feel?  


Scared of failure, scared of the distance. 

A good friend of mine says to always respect the distance of the marathon and maintain a healthy fear of the 26.2 miles.  I'm going into this race wrapped in hope and patience. My schedule is day-by-day.  I've got three weeks of catching up and much of it will be solo because I'm on a customized training schedule. 

Fargo is still on the horizon, on a wing and a prayer.

The picture above? ... thought you'd never ask... that's me dancing across a 10 k finish line last Saturday... note, both feet off the ground... I'm airborne. 

It's a wonderful day to be alive.



Unknown said...

Welcome back Mike, glad to see you will lighting it up in Fargo this year

Lisa said...

Yay...You are a wise sage Mike. I love reading your blog. Glad you are back once again. Injuries just plain suck...but they force us to slow down and truly consider what is important in the long run...(Pun intended)

Jen said...

I'm so glad you are back to running and that you have a marathon plan. And I love reading your blog. It's like running poetry. Love it.