Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Come Running

i said hey, come a running to me
oh, come a running to me
hey, yeah, come a running to me
ya gotta rainbow if you come running to me

Van Morrison, Come Running, Moon Dance

Just a quick update... I'm back running, pain free and slow, but running... and it feels good.  I ran 6 excruciating slow miles on Saturday to test the waters, pain free. I ran a 10 k race on Sunday, slow for the first half and race pace for the second half, pain free.  I just now completed an 8 mile run in cold rainy conditions, again, pain free.  

Fargo Marathon?  

In consultation with my massage therapist and physiotherapist I have a plan:
  • no hills
  • no speed
  • not fartleks 
  • no tempo
  • no time goals for race day
Just miles and miles of long slow distance to build endurance and to strengthen the mind.  How do I feel? Well, thanks for asking. I feel pretty good, even a little optimistic and definitely pleased with my recovery.  

How do I really feel?  


Scared of failure, scared of the distance. 

A good friend of mine says to always respect the distance of the marathon and maintain a healthy fear of the 26.2 miles.  I'm going into this race wrapped in hope and patience. My schedule is day-by-day.  I've got three weeks of catching up and much of it will be solo because I'm on a customized training schedule. 

Fargo is still on the horizon, on a wing and a prayer.

The picture above? ... thought you'd never ask... that's me dancing across a 10 k finish line last Saturday... note, both feet off the ground... I'm airborne. 

It's a wonderful day to be alive.


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