Sunday, April 27, 2014

When We Dance As One

This morning I ran 18 miles with two runners. We picked up a wayward runner at mile 14 so that makes four. 

We are four strong but we run together as one.  

The steps tell us we run as one,
one body, 
one mind, 
one consciousness. 

When we run as one. 
When our feet strike the pavement as one. 
When we become silent as one. 
We become mindfulness in our oneness,
and we run gloriously happy.

Last night I danced at a glamorous function. The Art City Gala was hopping with happiness and grooving with love.

I danced with hundreds, but we danced as one.  All of us perfect pace; hopping, moving, sweating, laughing and talking... oh the talk, so smart, so fun, so liberating... something wonderful happens when we talk as one. 

We are a thousand strong but we dance together as one.

The steps tell us we dance as one,
one body,
one mind,
one consciousness.

When we dance as one.
When our feet strike the ballroom floor as one.
When we become loud as one.
We become one,
and we dance gloriously happy. 

It's a good day to be alive, dancing and running as one.