Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The (little) People of TRL; Meet Jack and Noah

The People of Ted's Run for Literacy is a 'behind the scenes' look at the many individuals that make up Ted's Run for Literacy; from committee members, to runners, to volunteers, to sponsors.  Every week leading up to race day we will interview an individual whose contribution to TRL helps to define the heart and soul of this fine event. The People of TRL is the brainchild of our Social Media chair, Carly Walsh.
Jack and Noah run because it "builds up your muscles" and "it's fun to run fast". 
Jack and Noah ran the 2km at last year’s Ted’s Run for the first time. Jack, 7, and Noah, 4, told us what they like about the two key elements of TRL - reading and running.

Ted’s Run for Literacy: Do you like to run, and why?
Jack: Yes. It’s fun to run because it builds up your muscles.
Noah: Yes. Because it’s fun to run fast.

TRL: If you were pretending to be an animal running what would it be?
Jack: Cheetah.
Noah: Dragon.

TRL: What should you eat in order to run fast?
Jack: Meat.
Noah: Fruit.

TRL: What is your favourite book?
Jack: The Magic Tree House books.
Noah: Little Critter books.

TRL: Why do you think reading is important?
Jack: It helps you learn to spell. You need to be able to read to get a job.

TRL: What’s your favourite part of being read to?
Noah - Because you get to hear all the fun parts.