Saturday, January 17, 2015

Take The Low Road

Take the low road.
We take the high road because in the long run it gives us pleasure.  We are sometimes tempted to take the low road and tell that jerk just exactly what you're thinking, but we hold back. We take the high road knowing that, although the low road approach is gratifying, it's short lived and superficial. In time we regret choices made while travelling the low road. Always take the high road friends and resist the cheap satisfaction offered by the low road. The high road is pure and demonstrates strength of character and restraint.  Take the high road.

Except when running trails.

When you find yourself at a juncture of two trails, one leading up, and the other down, always choose the low road.  The low road is cheekier, saucier and demands more.  The low road thrills the spirit and lights the brain. The low road leads to trouble of a good kind. The low road takes you to the river's edge. It winds precariously along steep pitches. It's narrow and windy, and upsy-downsy.  The low road is less travelled and full of adventure. And sometime the low road just ends, but a thrill's a thrill, so we backtrack and start all over again.

The low road is a little bit cheeky, but never rude. Just like me.

Tomorrow I run the Fat Ass Rock Star with Cheeky Tim and I'll be looking for the saucy low roads.

It's a good day to be alive.