Sunday, May 3, 2015

The View Curb Side; Winnipeg Police Half Marathon 2015

Please enjoy a curb side view of the Winnipeg Police Services Half Marathon.  I'd prefer a street view but I'm in the penalty box for another week so I run vicariously through all of you beautiful people. Thanks for the brilliant smiles and shouts of unadulterated joy; you made me feel I was trotting along beside you. 

Jo was on the course but I don't have a picture. When I did see her one k out from the finish line we hugged, and that's way better than a picture.  Jo, just so you know, has raised about $20,000 for Cancer Care (and climbing).  

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It's a good day to be alive


Oh yes, my friend Connie (second picture from the last) pb'd at 1:45 and change. Sizzling fast.

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