Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Spaces We Run Through

The Spaces We Run Through
Michael Anderson
(Published with permission)
Michael Anderson
Lost Soul Ultra 2015
Lethbridge, Alberta
I went to church today
Not in a building
But in the spaces the buildings have not consumed

Rows of pews replaced by trees
A ribbon in the snow my aisle

The crunch of steps my prayer
My sweat and breath the offering
I think of life, and love, and loss

I return home

Post script: I love this little poem by Michael Anderson. I love the simplicity and the sentiment. I love the tenderness, the purity, the sweetness. I love the image created by the line " the spaces the buildings have not consumed". These spaces we run through, mindless, mindful, full of hope and promise. Images of our daughters and sons, mothers and fathers; in these spaces, where buildings have not consumed. We follow the ribbon; the endless ribbon. We think of life and love and loss.  I love how we return home refreshed, revived, renewed. Ready for another run through spaces; spaces the building have not consumed.  

Thanks you Michael for your spirit and your gift; you make us whole.

It's a good day to be alive,

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