Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Here; A Guest Blog by Scott Sugimoto

Scott Sugimoto
Spruce Woods 100 Mile Ultra Marathon
May 2015
Here was Boxing Day 2007 weighing 230 pounds and less than 60 days out from my 49th birthday.

Here was a plan to go and run every other day. Ten 10 minutes out, turn around and head home.

Here was Manitoba Half Marathon 2008, now weighing 175 pounds. My goal is to finish ahead of the person who came in first place in the full marathon.

Here was getting "volunteered" into running my first full marathon in Disney as part of Team Diabetes, January 2009 now weighing 160 pounds.

Since then, Here has been a handful of half and full marathons, a couple of ultras including completing the 100 mile event at Spruce Woods May of 2015

Here is now, 57 years of age preparing to take on the challenge that is the Fat Dog 120 miles in August 2016.

The very best part of Here, has been the  journey and the amazing, wonderful people along the way that I have gotten to meet and know.

I am so happy that Here isn't here, anymore.

Scott Sugimoto