Sunday, July 24, 2016

Joanne Schiewe, A Guest Blog By Jared Spier

Tired as fuck.

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Jared Spier and Joanne Schiewe
Joanne Schiewe has been openly telling her story since being diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer on February 3, 2015. At that time, she was given 6-18 months to live, and has been fighting hard since then, getting the maximum from each and every day.
Two weeks ago, after a year of positive treatment for her primary tumour, her MRI showed two new areas of growth. This required a change of course for her chemo treatments, and it's been a pretty tough time since. So as we try to keep telling this story openly, we need to let you know what that means:
Today was supposed to be about racing Ironman Calgary 70.3 Even two weeks ago, Jo was looking strong, out for an 80km ride and ready to give a defiant FU to her tumour. Instead, she's been battling harder than ever before.
The new chemo caused severe nausea, which meant 2 days of sickness and the exhaustion that resulted from not being able to hold down any food or drink
That exhaustion led to a few fainting spells, which gave us some scares, and Jo also started to show the first problems with cognition
Since then, it's been obvious that Jo needs to have someone with her at all times. Fortunately there is a wealth of friends and family who want to be with her and help her fight
It's hard to understand how this can all happen in just two weeks, but that's why we're continuing to share this story - we need everyone to understand how terrifying this change of circumstance can be. This is what Glioblastoma (GBM) does...
Two weeks from ready to race to needing help to cut your steak.

Two weeks from independence to holding a hand to walk down a hallway.

Two weeks from living your life to fighting for each following day.

Jo's 18 months are almost up, but she's pushing for overtime!

Jared Spier

With thanks to Jared Spier and Joanne Schiewe for their courage. it's a good day to be alive.