Sunday, May 14, 2017

I Am Not Your Inspiration. A guest blog by Natalie Pirson

Natalie Pirson, everybody's favourite person, is strong and independent. She's bad ass and dreams audaciously. She wheels through life and has a smile that melts rock.  While others hope to shave a few seconds off their PBs our Natalie dreams larger, much, much  larger.  Enjoy this guest blog by Natalie Pirson.  Mike

I am not your inspiration thank you very much.
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Saturday, May 12th -- the day before the Winnipeg Police Half Marathon and my second year participating in the half marathon event. 

I was at breakfast with my run club, (shout out to Winnipeg Run Club!) and I jokingly asked my good friend, Junel, if it was possible to shave an hour and a half off your previous race time from the same event. The good friend that he is, he didn't make a wisecrack or tell me it was a lofty goal.

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I knew it was a lofty goal and most likely not physically possible. I figured if I wanted to get any faster, I would need to get an even lighter wheelchair.

My time last year for the WPS Half Marathon 2016 was 5:36. When all was said and done on May 13th 2017, I finished with a time of 4:08. 1 hour and 28 minutes faster than the previous year. Damn proud of myself, I tell ya, and I don't say that often.

How was it possible? I believed I could do it. Racing for me is 90% a mental game. Physical training is important, of course, but to me, training the brain is even more important.
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Another noteworthy detail... I was wearing bib #2. Everyone who reads this blog knows Joanne Scheiwe's name and what she has done for the community. I did not have the privilege of knowing Jo but I know that she wore bib #2 in her final WPS half marathon last year. I knew I had to do that number proud and leave everything out on the course.

And finally, there is the running community as a whole. It is second to none. As an introvert and someone who does have a fair amount of anxiety, I was apprehensive in approaching people and I have to force myself to get other. But, I always get out there because I know my life will be better for it. The people I've met, the dear friends I have made, the encouragement and support I have received... Being a part of this community has changed my life in so many positive ways. Running has given me so much more than I could ever give it.
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So, I'll finish with this quote from a TED Talk given by another person with a disability. "I'm Not Your Inspiration, thank you very much." I'm not an inspiration because I have a disability and I get out of bed in the morning or because I go to work, or just generally live life like a lot of us.

But those of us who have the courage to believe in ourselves, set goals, crush them, fail and pick ourselves up, try again, keep trying when life beats you down... Sounds kinda cheesy but we're all a little bit inspirational in our own way.

Natalie Pirson
It's a good day to be alive.