Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Week of February 28 - March 2

Wednesday, 6.19 miles, 12.36 pace, -10 (-16 wc) , Wellington Crescent.   
This evening I ran with 3 new runners.  I fell into pace with Heather who is training for her first marathon.  It was a pleasant run, but I'm curious why the next day I was sore after running this relatively slow pace.  Normally I run a pace between 9 and 10 m/m and I'm rarely sore the next day.  I suppose it could be a combination of recuperating from the Hypo and the slow pace. Chalk it up to experience.  Good run Heather.

Thursday,  Clinic
I chose not to run this evening because I am a still a little sore from the Hypo.  Henry discussed the importance of goal setting and the physiology of running.  He also said something that caused me to pause and reflect.  He mentioned in passing that it's important to hold a healthy fear of the marathon; it's not to be underestimated or taken lightly.  The marathon is the single most difficult task we have ever or will ever achieve. It pushes the boundaries of human endurance and to be unprepared is foolish and dangerous.  So yes, a healthy fear is a good thing... log the miles and respect -always respect- the marathon.  We're still looking for some pace bunnies.  It's not too late to join the glamorous pace bunny life style.  Seriously, give it a try; it's a good thing... just ask Martha.
Saturday, 2.25 miles, 9.45 pace, -4 (-12 wc) River Trail to Olmands Creek return
Another run with my loyal K-9 pal, Annie.  She was dog tired (pardon the pun) on the return due to the fact she ran full-out, top speed, rolling, prancing, and sniffing while off leash along the river trail.  I practically had to drag her home.  We need to discuss conservation of energy and pacing. Once again, she's crashed on the floor by my feet and I don't think I'll hear a peep out of her until I rustle the food bag.
Sunday Run, 8.65 miles, 10:05 pace (w/ walks),-3 (-9 wc), Grant/ Haney/ Vialoux/ Wellington/ Lanark/ Centennial 
Liz, Onkar, Debbie, Lynda, Cheryl, Al, Jacques
It sure feels good to shed layers and hear the birds tweeting again.  Is winter loosening its grip or is it just another calm before the storm?  Let's hope for the former.  Onkar is convinced winter's over and the snow will be gone by Wednesday!  I hate to pop his bubble but over 5 decades of Winnipeg winters has taught me that it ain't over until construction starts on Portage Avenue.  It's really good to have Cheryl back training with us.  We agreed that our closet goal is 4:05, but I think she's got her heart set on a 4:00.  I'm sticking with the 4:15 goal, but a guy can always dream!  Jacques and Al are two new clinic members.  Jacque has never run before and aside from last week's Hypo, Al hasn't run in over ten years.  Both are very strong runners and they'll do very well.  It's great to have new faces join the group... now I can recycle those stale jokes I used last year!  A reminder to Al and Jacques (and anyone else) to register for the Police Half soon because as the weather improves it starts to fill up quickly. Good seeing Ryan today, but why was he running the wrong way?  Gotta talk to that boy! 
Congratulations to Terry Bialek (Pembina Running Room) who competed the Barcelona Marathon today.  I haven't heard from him yet, but he promised to drop a line and photos.  I'll publish his story next week.  In the meantime... way to go Terry Bialek!  Last I heard he raised well over $6000 for Team Diabetes
Shelley Timlick is kindly offering to organize a CPR training workshop for anyone interested. She needs a minimum of ten for a group and if there's enough interest she can arrange for a second workshop.  Spread the word.  For more information please email her or leave a message in 'comment' below and I'll be sure she gets it.  By the way, it's great to hear that Shelley is back pounding the pavement.  I expect Chris will be slogging it up and down Wellington Crescent in no time... can't keep a good man down.
Way to go to Terry P's group.  They logged 14.5 miles this morning. The distance are creeping up.  Last time I checked the Fargo Marathon is a mere 75 days away.  Keep it up you guys!
By the way, if you are a Weight Watcher, want to be a Weight Watcher, or know someone who is a Weight Watcher be sure to check out Weight Watchers 1974 Style (side bar).  You must read the descriptions for the full effect.
Sunday Ride, 8.5 miles, -4 (-13 wc), wind gusts 52 k/h, River Trail to Esplanade Riel, return to Olmands Creek
My trainer Lucy must have had a rough night because she slept for the entire ride. The wind gust funneling down the Assiniboine were brutal on the return trip.  The Chariot drags in the wind like a sail and Lucy, bless her little heart, clocks in at about 35 pounds.  There were many thousands of people taking advantage of the river trail.  Young speed skaters zooming, old skaters gracefully hand-in-hand, laughing hockey games, smiling runners (including Rod and partner), teenagers asking for rides in the Chariot, walkers, lovers, babies snuggled in toboggans... it's such a bustle of positive energy in an area that used to be the exclusive domain of a hand full of brave walkers and skiers. Yup, another amazing day to be alive.
Cheers all,  Michael
Week mileage: running 17.09, cycling 8.50