Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Week of March 20 to 30

Consume much?  The Story of Stuff has nothing to do with running , but a lot to do with our consumption habits.  Thought you might enjoy it... pass it on.  M
Wednesday, 6.02 miles, 8.52 pace, -7 (-13 w/c), route  
Naomi, Jacques, Nazeer, Debbie, John, Lorie, Elizabeth  
It was a quiet run... one of those "ok, let's get this over with"  kind of runs.  Not sure why, just tired I guess.  At sub 9 it was indeed a quick gait.  
Thursday... I wasn't able to attend the clinic or run due to work obligations.  Thank you Naomi for leading this evening.  I hear it was solid pace (9:20 ish?).  I told you you'd make a good pace bunny.
Saturday, 14.23 miles, 9:59 pace (w/w), +1 (yeah... plus 1, as in above zero!... only the second time this year) route 
Rod, Dinu, John, Jacques, Ken, Nazir, Dianah, David
A winter storm watch was issued so we were expecting some nasty stuff, but it was actually very pleasant.  Aside from some huge puddles that required some delicate tip-toeing, and some amazing potholes that could swallow a inattentive runner whole, it was a most agreeable route. It was actually a route I borrowed from Terry's playbook from several weeks back.  Unfortunately, we ended a little shorter than anticipated and had to walk a fair bit, but walking is a good recovery strategy and there was no grumbling so all is well.  Congratulations to Jacques and John for whom today's run is their farthest distance to date.  They held up well and are eager for next week's 16 mile push.
Several weeks ago I got a tiny blister on my pinky-toe, no bother right, it'll go away, right, ...wrong! After today's run it's now turned into an ugly mass of unrecognizable red swollen meat... yuck... and ouch!  I picked up some cool little "blister cushion" band-aids with ADVANCED HEALING and PROVEN HOSPITAL TECHNOLOGY which is guaranteed to ENHANCE MY BODY'S NATURAL HEALING POWERS.  All this for 7 loonies ... amazing!  I also picked up some "new skin" spray-on gunk that claims to be better than real skin.  There is a small disclaimer if applied over the eyes... me thinks who in their right mind would spray new skin over their eyes?  Sheesh Man!   Woe is me as I suffer in silence... in the meantime you can send your sympathies and home made blister remedies.
Shelley has organized a CPR training workshop for runners.  Dates are April 19, 9 to 5ish and a shorter session on Sunday.  Shelley will serve coffee, snacks and lunch.  The cost is $125 and they need a minimum of 6 participants.  Contact Shelley if you're interested or email me and I'll forward your contact information to Shelley.
I was reading Jen's Why I Run blog and found an entry on mantras.  I was intrigued.  I used a mantra on a Habitat For Humanity bike ride to get over the top of some nasty hills after a particularly gruelling 106 mile day.  I repeated my sibblings names over and over again, youngest to oldest, chant-like to help me forget my pain and concentrate on the task.  Near the top I remember saying the names louder and louder.  It worked for me.  I hope to talk more about this in future blogs.  Do you use mantras?  Thanks Jen, way down in friendly Utah.
I'll be running in Kingston, Ontario next week... that means hills, hills, and more hills!  I'm planning a solo long-run along Lake Ontario with a finish at Old Fort Henry.  With a little luck and a few prayers I'll be running in shorts, glorious shorts!  Check back next week for pictures.  Oh, by the way, while I'm away I deputize Naomi to take the lead.  Good luck on Garbage Hill next week.  Cheers all.  It was another good week to be alive!
Week total = 20.25


Jen said...

Kudos to you for running in such COLD weather and at such an awesome pace! And good luck with your blister. Sounds like you have all the remedies working for you though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike. I hope you enjoy your holiday this week. Dont come back too strong, or you will completely kick our butts.

I cant remember the schedule when you get back. Are we going to run Saturday or Sunday (5th or 6th)? You do plan to be back for the long run right?

Anonymous said...

my mantra for running and Horses as of late is singing endless rounds of "Dona Nobis Pacem"

happy trails all
gp in montana