Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back at 'er

Fun's over, back to training.. no rest for the wicked.  I started hill training this evening and Jacques was kind enough to join me.  We met at 6 PM, got caught up a bit, and then headed to Garbage Hill at a slow pace.  We did 4 reps at a pretty good pace.  I didn't have my HR monitor but the ticker was definitely working hard.  I was also sucking air and I got a sharp stitch on the last rep.  Man, I thought I was in pretty good shape, but apparently not.  Hill training builds strength and endurance, but man, it's a hard work out.  Jacques and I have decided to get together at least once a week for a run.  Consider this an invitation to join us.  Drop me a line if you're interested in joining us.  I run every day except Monday and Friday so there's lots of options.
4 hill reps, 4.03 miles, 9:10 pace, 36.55 minutes (not counting the chit-chat with Jacques).  

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