Saturday, August 2, 2008

Great run this morning!  Met up with Bernice, Gwen, Ted, and Onkar at 7 AM.  It's nice to be running with people again; the ipod can take you only so far before you go a little nuts (many say I'm there already, especially the wif).  Bernice, Ted, and Onkar pulled out at about 10.5 miles while Gwen and I continued on for another mile or so.  It was pretty muggy but a cool breeze and light rain provided some relief for the last few miles.  We met up with the Corydon/Wentworth Crew just as they were finishing up their run and we all went to Second Cup... err, make that Starbucks for a good chat.  It was nice seeing Annette who's been nursing an injury for the last little while.  Looks like she's back in good form.   Also good to see Mone, my very first pace leader when I took the plunge into running many years back.  A tip of the hat to you, Mone; thanks for getting me off to a good start.  Bernice is looking amazingly strong; between running, cycling, and kayaking she's good for the cover of Runners World.  I bumped into Mario last Wednesday on the hills, where else?  He's training for the Victoria Marathon on October 12 and, like me, is chasing the elusive sub-4 hour.  He's so there!  I'm so not!  I'll be joining Scott, Gwen, and Debbie tomorrow at 8:30 AM for a slow-ish 9 miler if anyone's interested.  Also, this just in from Shelley.... a number of runners have booked into the Ramada Inn for Fargo 2009.  If you're interested in running Fargo this is the hotel to stay at... glad I'm not the manager!. Bye for now.  Y'all come back now.  M

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