Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A little cross training...

Jen and I just returned from a sea-kayaking, eco-tour off the coast of Tofino, Vancouver Island.  We did the same trip last year and enjoyed it so much that we decided to return for a second (and longer) tour this year.  Last year's trip rang in my 50th birthday and this year's tour was a celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary. (We're thinking of returning next year to celebrate our dog Annie's 10 birthday... hey, in dog years that's 70! That's a big deal eh?!)  The trip is organized by 5 star chef/ wilderness kayak guide, James Bray.  His company is called Blue Planet and he specializes in gourmet meals complete with amazing British Columbia wines, organic vegetables, fresh sea-food all prepared and served in a remote wilderness setting. The paddling is not too serious, but some experience is a huge advantage.  The other day we hiked into a gorgeous deserted beach on the Pacific side of Vargas Island where I managed a 2 k run. Running barefoot, on the shore line of a foggy deserted beach, with the tide lapping over your toes is as about as close to heaven as one can possibly be on this planet.  This particular trip was 4 days and based out of a old lodge on Vargas Island (about an hour's paddle from Tofino).   There were 11 guests on the tour and we hit it off like nobody's business.   If you appreciate good wine, amazing 5 star food 3x/ day, and eco-tourism from a kayak view, I would highly recommend Blue Planet.  Tell James that Mike and Jen sent you!
After 9 days rest I completed a slow 3.6 mile run this morning in the blistering heat.  It felt good. The calf has healed (touch wood) and now I have to concentrate on putting in the miles... the endless miles.  I figure the best strategy is to just write those 9 days of rest off to recovery and re-energizing the bod... doctor's orders.  I'm now back on schedule and I'm still aiming for a 4 hour marathon on October 5.  So far so good.  One day at a time and all that stuff.  Later,  Mike
... one more picture for the road.... me and Jen, day 2.

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Jen said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip! And running on the beach...yep, sounds like heaven. I'm so glad the calf is doing better and you're back on track. I hope I'm back too. The first couple runs after an injury always scare me a little. Good luck!