Sunday, March 15, 2009

The CEO’s of four major beer companies met to on March 17 to discuss the world beer market. After a long day in conference they went for a drink. The CEO of Coors ordered a Coors beer, the Labatt’s CEO ordered a Labatt's beer, and the Budweiser CEO ordered a Bud.
When the waiter asked the Guinness executive his preference the man replied,
“I’ll have a soda please.”.
Surprised with the response, the Coors executive asked why he hadn't order a beer.
The Guiness executive replied with a twinkle,
“Well, if you lads aren’t having a beer, neither will I.”.
Happy trails,
M :>)
PS... Another week and I'll be able to run lightly. The Police Half is still on my radar.

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