Monday, March 9, 2009

River Trail Reaches the End of the Road.

The Free Press published an article about the closing of our beautiful River Trail. The article includes a list of River Trail By The Numbers stats, such as number of kilometers (9.34), number of bananas handed out by the guy in monkey suit (400), number of skaters (200,000), and a whole pile of others. It's good fun, you should read it.
I sent the following letter to the editor. Thought you might be interested.
Further to your list of River Trail statistics (March 6, River Trail Reaches The End of the Road) I submit the following for your consideration:
number of purely joyful moments inspired by everyone's favourite dweeb in a snow-suit, Paul Jordan... priceless.
Toques off to you, Mr. Jordan; thank you for your vision, thank you for your joie de vivre!
My apologies to all you out 'o towners... you need to be a local to catch the dweeb reference. Suffice it to say, it's a compliment!
For those of you following the saga of my bum calf, my physio-therapist, Barb Web, told me today I should expect
another 6 weeks of no running. I've decide to pull out of the Fargo Marathon. Anyone looking for a bib? Cheap!
Cheers all. It's a good day to be alive. M


Jen said...

How sad that a trail is being closed! Sounds like it was a fun one! I really hope that your calf heals quickly and that it really won't be another 6 weeks of no running. That's really rough! Here's hoping!

Unknown said...

Sad yes, but many fond memories. One thing about our winters is we know the river trail will be back open next year. The calf is coming along nicely. I'm hoping to take it for a test drive this coming weekend. Thanks Jen, Mike