Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cops For Cancer Race Report # 2

A guest blog by "B"
I've never contributed to a blog before, but a few nameless friends (Vivian, Lori, Sandra, David) suggested that I may have a running story that may be worthy of your blog...I'll let you be the judge as I personally think that the story itself is quite crappy & I'd take no offense if you tubed it down the toilet.
I still consider myself to be a novice runner. I don't have a pre-run routine in place yet, so my timing is typically off on 'race day.'
So....I was bound & determined that come the policeman's 1/2 this year, I would be well prepared for the run. I spread out my clothes like I've heard from others, the evening before. I crinkled my bib as I've been told to do, by so many. I drank lots of water & ate ample portions of protein & carbs the days leading up to the race. I charged my Garmin & IPOD & made sure everything was working without issue. I went to bed a bit earlier than normal & got up just a tad earlier to ensure my day went over without a hitch.
I had a healthy steelcut oatmeal & blueberry breakfast. I got to Assiniboine Park in perfect form & much earlier than I had expected.
Feeling quite smug in my 'preparedness', I celebrated by finding the 1st port-a-pottie over the bridge & actually had a smirk on my face while I thought how clean the facility really was...I reasoned that it was because I probably was the first person to use it that day...well the 2nd, as I saw a lady walk out before I ventured in.
So after my nature call, I stood up & adjusted my running belt....and it was at that time, I heard the distinctive & unmistakable 'plop.' Knowing that I was already standing, I was perplexed why that noise seemed to have come from around my lower area....until I realized that my cell phone was no longer clipped to my pants.
Yup...you guessed it....It swan dived directly into the sea of blue port-a-potty chemicals, never to be seen again. I know it was set on vibrate, so there were a fair number of 'friends' calling my cell that day, hoping to give someone a kickstart to their day.
That's my tale of woe...if you feel it worthy, I can laugh at myself...otherwise, it was just a s~*tty thing to have happen, just before a race!
aka Beatrice on that particular race day.....(that's yet another story in itself)

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