Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vic Keller

Congratulations to local fitness guru, Vic Keller, for his amazing commitment to promoting fitness and improving the quality of life for hundreds of people who might not otherwise have had the confidence to take that first, lonely, painful step towards taking control of their destiny. Geoff Kirbyson of the Winnipeg Free Press wrote an article, Trash Your Old Body On This Hill, about Vic which appeared in May 25th's Free Press. Kirbyson quotes Keller "I'm helping people reclaim their lives" and, if I may add, he's probably saved a few lives along the way.
Take Jon Paintin for example. Paintin weighed over 400 pounds several years ago and was a confirmed couch potato. He's now a fit 195 pound, two time half-marathoner in addition to countless road races of various lengths. Jon is adamant that he owes his success to Vic. In his words...
"I've never felt better in my life. I can honestly say it was Vic’s careful, balanced approach, along with the support of the entire power runner’s team, that enabled me to accomplish this. I am forever in their debt.".
Thanks Vic. Your efforts have been acknowledged and are appreciated by many.
Hmmm, wonder what kind of advice Vic would give to help me achieve that elusive sub-four hour marathon? Maybe I should ask?

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Jen said...

It's nice to have people like that in the community. And yeah, I'd ask for his advice too!