Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Speed Workout

We had a wicked speed workout yesterday evening at The Formal Garden loop.  Seven sets of 4 and 2's feels like a half marathon when finished.  Four minutes intense hard, followed by 2 minutes recovery, times 7 sets.  My total mileage for this workout was about 6 miles including some warm up drills.  It's great to finish the workout with the sun  just dipping below the horizon as opposed to solid black in previous weeks.  The speed workout is followed by about 30 minutes of core work.  Totally spent at the end.  A bowl of hot, homemade soup waiting for me at home... mmmm, hits the spot!
We start Hill workouts next week.  Kudos to Erick at City Park Runners for organizing these workouts!  

It's a good day to be alive.


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Jen said...

NICE! I have always loved speed workouts. The miles just seem to fly by! I need to start hills soon too. It's so cool that someone else organizes your runs. You are SO very lucky