Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letter to the Editor of the Winnipeg Free Press

I agree with Kelly's letter to the editor below.  The volunteers are awesome, the fans, although sparse, are enthusiastic, and those karaoke guys rocked!  Mike

Dear Editor;  As a participant in the 2010 Manitoba Marathon, I feel it is crucial to send out a huge thank you to, first, all of the hundred of volunteers who make this day such a great event, from handing out water, to making sure all participants are OK at the end of their races. These people are amazing.
Second, to all of the citizens of Winnipeg who get up at the crack of dawn to cheer on and encourage all runners, you truly make a difference.
Third, I want to say a huge thank you to the homeowner on Harrow Street, who, for the last two years has set up his karaoke machine and delighted the masses with his talent.
I look forward to seeing him each time I run and he does not disappoint.


Kinthelt said...

I get a kick out of that house on Harrow. Those guys really know how to throw a party.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! It's Kelly Rock! Thanks for posting my letter on your blog! I work with a woman who has trained with you..Cheryl Hill...and reads your blog and when she saw my letter, she sent me your link...It's great and as a newbie at this running thing, I will log in frequently...It's great!! Thanks again and happy running! :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly, For sure I know Cheryl; she's a great runner and really dedicated. I like your letter for two reasons: 1) It truly captures the spirit of the day, and 2) it raises awareness of regular people participating in the marathon by cheering and, in this case, setting up a karaoke band. Winnipegers have not learned how to embrace the day like other cities. I believe it's a matter of time before fans will be 5 deep from start to finish like Fargo and Minneapolis. Your letter helps raise awareness. Thanks, good luck in your next slow dance. Mike