Saturday, June 5, 2010

Manitoba Marathon...the good, the bad, the "what the heck are they thinking?".

The Manitoba Marathon race committee is looking for feedback from the running community (that's you) to improve their race. After 30+ years it's ripe for a change.  Think...  What's good about this race? How does it contribute to our local running community?  What's tired and needs changing up? What makes you shake your head and say "What the heck!?".  How can the committee make this annual running event even better.  

Like you, I know this race is a little tired and needs new energy.  Like you, I have opinions.  Like you, I want this race to continue for another 30 years.  

Please send your comments directly to Shelley T. by email and she will coordinate the ideas and forward them to the Race Committee.  If you don't have Shelley's email address please leave your comments (below) and I will forward them to her.

On another note I logged 24 miles this morning... the last long one before the slow-dance on June 20.  Feeling good, but I picked up a little Charlie Horse (Charles Horse for my friends in Tuxedo) which I'm nursing with Vitamin I (ibuprofen) and a glass of Pouilly Fume. Ahhhh....

It's a good day to be alive.



Anonymous said...

here is something....

I went to pick up my race kit. Volunteers are gerat, volunteers are awesome, cannot put on an event without them, but stop talking to one another when ther eis a line up of people.

Also I was given an envelope with my bib in it. No one was sure whether I was also supposed to get a bag or whether that was it.

I had to beg for a map as my wife wants to come out and watch.

The website is not up to date. Clicking on various windows brings up 2008 information. It may not have changed but....

Thats it so far, lets see what happens on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Well, first off, if the Race Committee wants feedback, I wish that they'd advertise that on their website or through some other means. Anyway, as a 4-time participant (2 halfs; 2 fulls) I actually don't think there's much wrong with the event. Sure, there are minor issues and yes, the crowd support on the course could be better, but I wouldn’t say they’re anything siginificant.

I think that the most critical issue with this race is actually the date. Late June in Winnipeg is simply not the time to hold a marathon. After the heat in 2009, I've vowed to never again run the full at Manitoba and the reason is simple: Marathon training is too long, it's too hard; and it takes too long to recover from to have the experience ruined by poor running conditions. Bottom line is that people work too hard to try to run good times (set PBs; qualify for Boston; meet time goals) to have those plans derailed by weather. Mid-teens (2008); low 20's (2009) and high-teens (2010) combined with humidity are terrible conditions for distance racing. I understand that Father's Day is a tradition, but there are simply too many other options nearby where weather is unlikely to be a factor: Fargo (May); Minneapolis (sept.); Regina (sept); Chicago (oct).

I'd absolutely love to see this race moved to early October.
1. Much less chance of hot (or extremely cold for that matter) weather.
2. Gives Winnipegers 6 months to train on dry pavement rather than 2.5.
3. Opportunity to use spring/summer 5K; 10K and Halfs as "tune ups" for the big day. In fact, why not create a series of these races (similar to the Puma series) to increase awareness of the race and its charitable causes?

Anyway, that's my 2 cents!

Ron Laverty said...

Great race. My wife and I have participated in the 1/2 Manitoba Half Marathon for the past 7 years and have always had a wonderfull time. Due to injury my wife and Grand Daughter (4 years old) ran the Super Race and were denied any refreshment at the end of the race. Staff stated that refreshments were olny for 1/2 and full marathonrunners.

Given the rather expensive race fees at the very least a popsicle or banana could have been supplied to the participant.
Most organize races provide a medal for the finishers and refreshments.