Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Garbage Hill in pictures

My first hill work out of the season.  Blue sky, warm sun, strong legs, excellent friends, what more could a guy ask for.  This series of pictures shows the Triangle Loop.  It a 0.13 mile triangular loop that starts at the base and climbs the steepest portion of the hill.  The path is well worn and muddy near the bottom, but dry just outside of the worn path.  We did 3 Triangles plus an additioanl 5 (or more) Loops of the Cul de sac.  Go here for a description of Garbage Hill's 7 trails.  Enjoy the pictures (click 'em to enlarge 'em).  

Yes friends, it's a good day to be alive!


PS  If you look closely in the top left corner of picture # 5 you'll see some Canada Geese overhead... a sure sign of spring!

Check out those calves.

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