Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 7, 54.6 miles

Tough run today!  More later... gotta lay down.  :>)  M
Later that day sipping a very nice 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley ...

Yes, a tough run but a really, really good run.  Depending upon who you speak to it will be remembered as the most miserable run ever or the most challenging, character building run of a life time.  I choose the latter.

The coldness and the wetness and the icy north winds and the terrible footing tested the limits of endurance!  There's sort of a machismo feeling one gets from completing such a run upright and smiling.  Not sure what the female equivalent to machismo might be, but in this context I'm confident the word applies equally to the amazing women in our group.

Early in the run we gingerly skipped over and around puddles, but by mile 10 onward we didn't alter our course .. it was full bore, straight on plow through all puddles.  It was actually kind-of liberating and childlike.  I could have sworn I heard my mother chastising me Betty Draper style to get out of the puddles.

Our group leader, Bernie, nicknamed this run April Foolish run.  At the corner of Waverly and Route 90 (mile 15-ish) while waiting for the light to change all 9 of us instinctively formed a group hug to protect ourselves from the elements.  It was a moment I will cherish; 9 sopping wet, chilled to the bone adults came together in a most tender and supportive way.  The warmth was short but so very sweet.

We soldiered on mostly in silence save the odd expletive from behind.  As Bill pointed out there were many random acts of kindness along the route from cars slowing to avoid splashing, to silent hugs of support, from kind words to perk the dwindling spirits.

Yes friends, it was a good day, a good day to be alive, a good day to be out in the world, a good day to run. It reminds me of a line from a song by the Magnetic Fields, "I'm the luckiest guy on the lower east side.".  Think irony.

We could have cried.  We Laughed.  We could have quit.  We ran.  I'm so glad it's over.  I'm so blessed that I am able to accomplish what i jus did.  Many can't.  This run is for them.



Jo said...

I am kind of sad that i missed this run (and the group hug)! I love the character building runs that I've had with the group this past winter/spring. Your 18 miles today BY FAR out does my 20 in sunshine yesterday! :) Good job!!

Bill D-J said...

Nice view on the world, Mike! Yes, a fine day to be alive. And Jo - you did indeed miss a memorable one! But there is always next week ...

Jen said...

What a great run and a great reminder that life is good and friends are what make it that way! That run done solo would have been much harder. Great job on your milage this week! Amazing!