Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 4: 36.6 miles down, 13.4 to go.

Today's run was a repeat of yesterday's.  Drop car # 2 off at Regent Toyota and retrace yesterday's 10 mile journey through River East, Transcona.  The conditions were much the same as yesterday, minus the sun and the bad guys.

Today's run was immeasurably more enjoyable than yesterday's because I had the good company of running pal and neighbour, Jan.  The miles slide by as the conversation flows from one topic to another.  We talk kids, partners, politics, religion, and just about anything else that needs airing.  These are good runs.  Thanks Jan!

I'm going to take 2 consecutive rest days before Sunday's 20 miler so See Mike Run is going dark until Sunday.  In the meantime here's a rule that your dear mother may have neglected to share:

Rinse your water bottle once a week with a bleach/ water mix.  I think the general ratio is 10 parts water/ 1 part bleach.  And if you have dark spots on the inside of your bottle that are almost impossible to remove, chuck the bottle.  If there's an environmentally friendly alternative, I'd be pleased to hear about it, send it along.

Cheers friends,


PS.  It's a good day to be alive.
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