Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 1: 6 miles down, 44 to go.

Aside from some treacherous icy patches, a few huge puddles, and one irresponsible driver who splashed me at mile 5, it was a pleasant run. My legs are still a little plankish from yesterday's 18 miler so my form was rigid and lacked any hint of fluidity. Normally I take Monday's off following a long run on Sunday, but someone set a silly goal of running 50 miles in one week so what's a guy to do? I had actually planned on running 10 today, but wisely changed the plan before I left. I'm down to 2 thin layers, a ball cap, and thin gloves and still I was a little warm.
Today's running rule that your mama never told you is...
Running Rule 2: Unless you're an elite runner or you're going for a BQ, never blow past someone at the finish line of a marathon or half-marathon. Respect the guy in front of you and give him/ her some space to finish with dignity. The finish line can be highly emotional and for many, a life altering experience, especially for the virgin marathoner.
Be sensitive and be aware that you can steal that moment from someone by being inconsiderate. Two years ago at the finish line of The Toronto Marathon I was scooped by about a dozen relay runners 25 feet from the finish line. It was a hard race and I focussing all my energy on crossing the line when I was ambushed from behind by a mob of faux-runners in cotton! The moment was stolen!
So dear runner, resist the ninja moves at the finish line. Cross the line with grace and dignity and always respect your fellow runners. Give them a little room. They earned the finish line too!
It's a good day to be alive.


Connie said...

What if you're in Niverville on a skinny sidewalk finish line and a old couple (one in a wheel chair) are slowly rolling towards the finish line?
Yeah, I did that.

Unknown said...

Too funny! I guess the rule doesn't apply in this case. We missed you on Sunday. Mike

Anonymous said...

I am neither elite or going to BQ ever, but I have had some personal best times because I pushed it right at the finish line. I certainly hope this has never made any other runner feel disrespected.
I also believe though, that different distances should have different finishing spots and that relay runners should not be mixed in with half or marathoners.

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous; Thank you for your insight. I agree with your comment. I've turned on the jets for the last 100 meters of a marathon and half-marathon many times and I have passed runners. The point is it's a slow pass and a dignified pass. I don't blow past them to prove that I'm faster or better. I guess I've been scooped one too many times by a fresh group of relay runners who seem to run in packs. In Toronto I was pretty much elbowed aside as they passed. Thanks very much for making that distinction. You've raised a good point. I appreciate your idea about separate finish lines. Mike

Jen said...

For years I have watched with admiration and a little jealousy that you do these 50 mile weeks. I've always thought it was so far out of my reach. This year, sometime, I'm going to try it. And I really think I can do it.
I look forward to your week and am loving your Running Rules.
And your last comment on my blog made me smile for days. Thanks.