Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 3: 26.6 miles down, 23.4 to go.

Today's 10 mile run involved dropping my vehicle off at Regent Toyota for a tire change-over and an oil change.  I was told this would take about 1 1/2 hours.  Perfect, just enough time  for a comfortable 10 mile run.  The run was uneventful, cold, nasty wind, icy sidewalks, same-old-same-old.  I'll be happy when this dirty season passes.

Actually there was an incident worth telling here.  Two huge, rough looking dudes, and one equally rough looking and equally huge dudette didn't like it when I passed them on the sidewalk of a very lonely and wet portion of the run.  As I approached them from behind I said my usual "excuse me, passing on the left" to which most people smile and make way.  These three weren't "most people".  

They turned to glower at me and didn't budge an inch so I had to tip toe past on the muddy boulevard.  They mocked my 143 pound skinny-assed runners' frame with all sorts of comments which I really didn't understand and didn't hang around to decipher.  Did I mention they were huge?  Really huge. Apparently the dudette was very mad that I had splashed her when I passed.  I wasn't about to stop and apologize.  I could still hear the comments as I rounded the corner a block away.  

I've been in similar situations and the saving grace is I can run and most of these guys can't.  Nothing came of it, but it sets the tone that we runners are very vulnerable, especially when we run alone.  It was unnerving.  I can only imagine it's way worse for women runners.  I've heard some scary stories of women being approached by some creepy guys while running.

So friends, if at all possible, run with a buddy.  Failing that, run with a cell phone.  And above all, if you get a feeling that something isn't quite right ahead, stop.  Most of the time our intuition is correct.

Today's running rule that your mama never told you is:

Be wary of running alone.  If you must run alone, always tell someone where you're going and when you expect to be back.  If no one is home, write it down.  If you sense something's not right while running, alter your course and pull out your cell phone, pre-dial 9-1 and keep your finger on the last digit.  Be SMART, carry a phone.

Run hard, run safe.

It's a good day to be alive,


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Jen said...

I've had some scary moments as well while running alone. But I like the quiet sometimes and just always carry a phone with me. Good advice and great job on your mileage!
I like the gadget guy in your last post! Too funny!