Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hill Training @ Garbage Hill

It's hard to find a hill in this neck of the woods.  Fortunately for us, our past city planners had the gob-stopper of an idea to build a garbage dump right smack-dab in the middle of our city.  Clearly, present day environmental regulations are a blessing. When the dump reached its capacity it was capped, covered with grass, and prettified with a new name, Westview Park.  Alas, the pretty name never caught on and it's known forever by the locals as "Garbage Hill", "Green Hill", or my personal favourite, "Make-out Hill".  

Making out on Garbage Hill... now that's romantic!  

I blogged about Garbage Hill about 2 years ago (go here).  Since then I've come across these images of the different elements of the hill. There's 7 elements in total.  Only the Loop and the Hump are used with regularity. That's a pity because the other 5 elements are more interesting, more challenging, and offer a rather stunning view of Winnipeg.  Click on each image to enlarge.  

It's a good day to be alive.


#1.  LOOP. 
The most common element.  It's a simple run up, loop around the cul de sac, and return for 0.5 mile.  It may be the most common, but it's also the least exciting. To get an honest 0.5 you must start at the gate, run around the cul de sac and touch the gate on the return.  No cheating now!    

#2.  The HUMP  
The Hump starts off like the Loop but continues past the cul de sac at the crest of the hill, down the gravel trail to the chain link fence, and then return the same way, up the gravel trail, over the crest, past the cul de sac, down the paved road to the gate (1.0 mile from gate-to-gate). This is my favourite.  

#3.  The LUMP
Start at the main gate, approach steep hill past 3 yellow poles, ascend steep hill and continue up smaller hill on the gravel path to left, run along flat path towards the cul-de-sac, keep left and run on dirt single track toward toboggan slide at north end, descend toboggan slide and the up the small hill at the back fence, veer right back along gravel path and ascend gradual hill to cul-de-sac, then descend the roadway back to the gate.  Round trip is 0.93 mile)
#4.  The SNAKE
Start at main gate. ascend steep hill past 3 yellow poles, continue to top of smaler hill.  Veer left down switchback trail and continue along the base of  the hill.   A series of switchbacks leading from the top of main steep hill to the north end along trails and return.  This is the hardest element. Watch out for gopher holes.  0.53 miles.

#5.  THUMP
Sort of opposite to the Hump (above).  Start at main entrance gate.  Run up roadway, past cul de sac, over the crest of hill, down the gravel trail.  At the bottom of gravel trail, veer left along the grass trail that runs alongside the fence.  Run down small hill and ascend the tobogan hill.  Run along single track trail (watch out for gopher holes), past the cul de sac, toward the switchback.  Descend the switchback and exit hill by the main gate.  Distance not known at this time.  

Approach steep hill past 3 yellow poles, ascend the steep hill and then continue up smaller hill and then veer right past the stone blocks, descend path at blocks and then turn right onto small dirt path to starting point to starting point. 0.13. miles

#7.  BOWTIE (sorry, no image)
Approach steep hill past 3 yellow poles, ascend the steep hill and then veer right to stone blocks, descend path at blocks, turn left onto smaller dirt path, ascend next upward trail and return to stone blocks, descend path and then turn right on dirt path to yellow poles and ascend main steep hill.

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