Sunday, March 27, 2011

50 miles in 7 days

My goal this week is to run 50+ miles between Monday, March 28 and Sunday April 3. I usually have at least one or two 50 miler-weeks per marathon. I started doing this several years ago because it just seemed like a natural thing to do and it's another milestone to anticipate. We have a 20 miler on April 3 so it's actually only an additional 30 miles. I also need to do a 5 k prediction run before Tuesday evening so I'll be on the busy side this week. I'll blog a daily update to let you know how things are proceeding.
I'll also post one "rule of running that your mother never taught you" as a teaser to keep you coming back. The first rule is a no brainer and comes from years of experience:
Rule # 1: Respect the pace guy. They know the route and the pace so by taking the lead you're throwing the whole group off. There's a little known rule of running physics called magnetic pull. Simply stated, the lead guy tends to pull the group. This is a good thing and pacers are chosen for their ability to keep a rock solid pace and pull a group along to the finish line. If a fast guy takes the lead they mess with magnetic pull and the whole group suffers. Faster runners should consider joining a faster group if they find the pace is too slow. The only exception to this rule is if the pace guy asks you to take the lead so they can fall back to check on the group.
Today's 18 miler was great. Sun shining, excellent chit-chat, dry-ish pavement, and -best of all- Bill dropped off caches of goodies along the route. How cool is orange slices and chocolate covered coffee beans strategically located throughout the course? Thanks Bill!
It's a good day to be alive.