Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Glory Be To Life

Just because I've been a blogger-slacker for the past while doesn't mean I've been a runner-slacker.  I managed a respectable sub-two at the MB half marathon a few weeks ago and I'm currently training for Kroll's Diner Bismark, North Dakota Full Marathon on September 17.  It's an out and back course along the Missouri River Valley that's been reconfigured because of flood waters.  I was intending to run Queen City but by the time I got around to registering it was sold out.  A quick Google search later and I'm signed up for Bismark.

Come on down!  It's a BQ, inexpensive, flat, scenic, and 1,643 feet above sea level (or about 900 feet higher than Winnipeg).  That's nosebleed country for us flat-landers.

My training officially started on July 1, but I've been ramping up the miles ever since I ditched the sticks about a month ago.  I had my first hill work out yesterday at our beloved Garbage Hill; 3 loops, 3 humps, and 3 lumps for a total distance of 7.5 miles. It's good to be back at it, strong and focussed.

I was driving my wife to the Art Gallery this morning and we stopped at a red light.  A man, about 60 - 65 walked slowly across the 3 lanes.  He was thin, very very thin.  A strong gust would have knocked him over.  His skin was that placid, grey putty colour of the perpetual sick, the dying. I felt for him as he shuffled by, slow and lost in thought, lost in life.

Glory be to life in the highest.  Today I ran 7 sweaty, hard, fast, urban miles on pavement and trails and the epiphany -the high- washed over me and cleansed my heart and soul.  I was, for a brief moment, a sliver of time,  omnipotent.  I am very happy for my health, very content in my skin.  Glory be to life in the highest.

It is a stunningly beautiful day to be alive, to run, to be healthy, to just be at one with self.