Monday, July 25, 2011

My Back Yard

My running has taken on a life of its own.  It goes like this...Monday rest, Tuesday hills, Wednesday 6-8 mile tempo, Thursday speed, Friday rest, Saturday 6 to 8 mile tempo, Sunday long-slow-distance.  My current training has me running between 42 and 50 miles a week.  I have two goal races; Treherne Half Marathon on September 10 and Bismark Full Marathon on September 17.  I would be tempted to add Twins City Marathon to the list if a bib happened to fall on my lap.  Beyond that... who knows?  

Aside from the Sunday long runs, all my training has been solo leaving me oodles of time to reflect and take stock, to sort out family issues, to dream, to feel the cadence of my heart, to soak up the succulent coolness of a breeze or, to just be at peace. Mostly to be at peace.  This is why we run, yes? To be at peace?  To get away?  We run for many reasons, no two alike, yet all are the same.   We run in pursuit of serenity, we run for a glimpse of peace.  We run to mask pain, to search for a truth, to ditch a bad relationship, to move forward, to dig ourselves out of a hole, to escape a memory, to reconcile a regret.  

Initially we run to lose weight or to get fit, or to accomplish a life milestone,  but over time we grow outward and beyond and the reasons for running become more subtle and more complicated, more individualistic. It becomes less about time and more about self, less about goals and more about serenity, less about achievement and more about being alive and being at one with your body, your mind, and your spirit.  

A good run soothes the sharp edges of life.  A good run brings contentment and peace within, it brings clarity of mind and it makes the body hum.  A good run meanders through the back yard of our brains. 

 If you're interested in pursuing this theme a little deeper you might want to read The Memory of Running.   It's a good read, sad and funny, sometimes in the same breath.

Me?  I run because I'm afraid to stop. 

Here's the back yard of my brain.

It's a good day to be alive, in the backyard of my brain.