Thursday, June 19, 2014

The People of Ted's Run For Literacy; Meet Wayne Sage

The People of Ted's Run for Literacy is a 'behind the scenes' look at the many individuals that make up Ted's Run for Literacy; from committee members, to runners, to volunteers, to sponsors.  Every week leading up to Race Day we will interview another individual whose contribution to TRL defines the heart and soul of this fine event. The People of TRL is the brainchild of our Social Media chair, Carly Walsh.

Wayne Sage
Premier Sponsor of TRL 2013
Owner Hardwood Designs
Wayne is a TRL double threat - his company, Harwood Design Builders is a premier sponsor, and Wayne is also a TRL racer. We’re proud to have been his first race, and happy that he’ll be back on the pavement in 2014!

Ted’s Run for Literacy: How long have you been running, and why did you start?
Wayne Sage: I’ve been running two years. I started on a dare/bet with good friends Eric and Sandra Danberg who challenged me to get into running. I was 272 pounds and had every syndrome that could be associated with that so I thought running would be part of my weight loss. I lost almost 50 pounds over the next year and Ted’s Run 5k was my first run. I have now done Fargo 10k, and also went to Big Sur, California to run the Big Sur Trail Half Marathon with 3,000 feet of elevation change

TRL: What motivates you to go for a run even when you might not really want to?
WS: Staying in shape and escaping things for a while, running and pushing to see how far I can go and accomplish, and looking at duathalon and maybe triathalon as well

TRL:If your iPod got stuck on repeat while running what song would you want to listen to over and over and over?
WS: Jimmy Buffet’s “Boat Drinks”

TRL: Do you have any pre-race rituals?
WS: Scrambling at the last minute to find where my dogs have hidden my running gear......followed by a regimen of Advil.

TRL: Why did you choose to run in TRL?
WS: My good friend Sandra Danberg is on the organizing committee and asked me to be a sponsor and also thought it would be a good first run for me. After getting involved and learning Ted’s story and the great work that was being done I was so impressed that I became a premier sponsor and will continue to return.

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